The zero-shine statement lip is currently the world’s favorite beauty trend, and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. We’re not talking about your run-of-the-mill mattes, mind you—we mean the super flat, bulletproof kind.
Over the past few years of the matte resurrection, you’ve probably already determined your favorite formulas (like this, or this, or even this). If you’ve got room for one more, check out our latest find: the Matte In Detail Liquid Lipstick by newcomer DETAIL. This local beauty brand is perfect for makeup enthusiasts on a budget! Its liquid lipsticks go for P225 a pop and come in 12 trendy, cool-girl hues.
Once news of these budget lippies spread, the girls at the BeautyMNL office came running (you know how we do). Swatches below!


Sabby in D1 Samantha
THE COLOR: A chocolate brown with a high-fashion impact.
Dani in D3 Rox
THE COLOR: A straight-up violet that exudes power and presence.
Bing in D4 Sabrina
THE COLOR: A grape-jam purple that pops.
Mara in D5 Loth
THE COLOR: An in-between brown that straddles warm and cool undertones.
Athena in D6 Nash
THE COLOR: A bright and pretty seashell pink.
Sheena in D8 Asia
THE COLOR: A fiery orange streaked with red.
Kim in D9 Jhen
THE COLOR: A tawny brown with peachy-pink undertones.
Steph in D11 Alexandra
THE COLOR: A vampy burgundy for the brave at heart.
Bea in D12 Zenaida
THE COLOR: A brick red with a retro feel.
Erika in D13 Katherine
THE COLOR: An oxblood red with blue undertones.
Karen in D14 Joyce
THE COLOR: A camel brown with a touch of peach.
J Jo in D15 Krysle
THE COLOR: A nostalgic medium brown reminiscent of the ‘90s.


DETAIL’s shine-free formula is so pigmented, we think of it as an actual paint. You’ll need to slide a balm underneath it because the formula is intensely matte, and skipping that priming layer will make the color go patchy. If your lips feel tight, go ahead and throw a balm over the lipstick, too. It won’t budge. The longevity of these babies is not bad at all considering how affordable they are.
Color-wise, we are obsessed—the spectrum goes from vampy red and retro brown to of-the-now greige. Made for millennials and trendy titas alike!

DETAIL’s Matte In Detail Liquid Lipstick is available on BeautyMNL for P225. Shop it right here!

Portraits by Cine Escalona