Some things in life are greater than the sum of their parts. Take, for instance, a really good cocktail. The individual flavors might be fine on their own—but mixed together, they make magic.

Now, what if you could apply the same logic to your beauty products? Actually, scratch the what-if—you already can. As it turns out, our friends over at Benefit aren’t just makeup experts—they’re mixologists, too.
Allow us to explain: the girls at Benefit HQ have created 4 beauty cocktails guaranteed to bring you instant glam. Whether you’re nursing a hangover or seeking an inner glow, there’s a Benefit recipe for you! These cosmetic cocktails are super easy to follow, so you can add ‘em to your repertoire regardless of your skill set. Scroll to see!

WHAT YOU’RE AIMING FOR: A rosy flush that comes seemingly from within


  • Benetint, P1,800
  • High Beam, P1,500

    STEP 1: Place a few drops of Benetint over a dollop of High Beam (the result should look like a jelly doughnut!). Blend the two together.
    STEP 2: Smile! Apply the mixture over the apples of your cheeks.
    STEP 3: Gently stipple it into your skin with warm fingertips.
    WHAT YOU’RE AIMING FOR: Radiant, age-defying skin with a dewy finish


  • Girl Meets Pearl, P1,800
  • Big Easy BB Cream (coming soon)
    STEP 1: Combine equal parts Girl Meets Pearl and Big Easy BB Cream.
    STEP 2: Apply the mixture all over your face with your fingers, a brush, or a sponge.
    STEP 3: Blend! Concentrate your application in the center of the face, using less and less product as you move towards the edges.
    WHAT YOU’RE AIMING FOR: Bright, rested, never-touched-a-drink-in-my-life eyes


  • It’s Potent! Eye Cream, P2,000
  • Puff Off! Under Eye Gel (coming soon)
  • Boi-ing Full Coverage Concealer (coming soon)
    STEP 1: Mix equal parts It’s Potent! Eye Cream, Puff Off! Under Eye Gel, and Boi-ing Full Coverage Concealer on the back of your hand.
    STEP 2: Pat the mixture underneath your eyes until it disappears. And we do mean pat—never rub.
    STEP 3: Set your work with powder—or not. You’re the boss!

    WHAT YOU’RE AIMING FOR: Ultra-natural feathered brows


  • Goof Proof Brow Pencil, P1,400
  • 3D BROWtones, P1,400

    STEP 1: Use the Goof Proof Brow Pencil to outline your brow shape.
    STEP 2: Fill in your brows with short, hair-like strokes.
    STEP 3: Set your brows and add dimension with the 3D BROWtones.
    Like we said, magic.

    So, do you have any beauty cocktails of your own? Sound off in the comments below!

    Most of these Benefit products are available on BeautyMNL, while the rest will be added over the coming weeks. Shop them right here!

    Credits: Video and photos by Kat Echon. Don’t forget to follow BeautyMNL on Facebook and Instagram!

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