Bottled foods often taste better than they look—that’s a fact. But once you take a bite, it brings a whole new definition to the phrase, “Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it!” A few of our officemates tried 5 bottled food products, including bangus, laing, and tinapa. Oh, and they did it blindfolded, too!

Watch them take on the blind taste test and tell us which one of the products were their favorite.


1. 2M Bottled Foods Mac’s Sinantol (200g), on sale at P120 (limited time only)

WHAT IT IS: This Bicolano-inspired fare bears a perfectly balanced flavor. It pairs best with fish or pork, bringing out their flavors without overpowering them.

OUR VERDICT: “It kinda reminds me of Bicol Express.”

Shop it here.

2. Native Gourmet Bangus in Olive Oil (8oz), on sale at P221 (limited time only)

WHAT IT IS: A twist on your typical breakfast bangus, this packs just the right amount of piquancy for a kick. Whether it’s over warm rice or own its own, this is tasty as is!

OUR VERDICT: “It tastes really high quality, like it melts in your mouth.”

Shop it here.

3. Native Gourmet Crab Paste Original Lemongrass Taba ng Talangka (8oz), on sale at P266 (limited time only)

WHAT IT IS: Best with otherwise bland dishes, taba ng talangka (or crab fat) is the perfect “umami” bomb. Together with tangy lemongrass, and it packs a zesty kick that is very unique.

OUR VERDICT: “It’s salty-sour. [We] like it!”

Shop it here.

4. Native Gourmet Tinapa in Corn Oil (8oz), on sale at P266 (limited time only)

WHAT IT IS: Tinapa purists who refuse any new iteration of the fish will love this. Doused with nothing but a neutral-tasting oil, it pairs well with rice, pasta, and bread.

OUR VERDICT: “It’s pretty flavorful… good with crackers or rice.”

Shop it here.

5. Native Gourmet Laing Hot & Spicy (8oz), on sale at P221 (limited time only)

WHAT IT IS: For people who love fiery dishes, this laing will rocket you into the universe. Just a word of warning: take tiny bites lest you want to taste the burn!

OUR VERDICT: “It’s spicy, like saktong spicy.”

Shop it here.

Video and photos by Tati Guno

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