You read that right: multi-masking is a thing, and a very good thing at that. Basically, this masking technique involves the use of several masks at once depending on the needs of your skin. Different areas of the face require different fixes—you can’t treat a shiny T-zone the same way you would flaky cheeks. So, multi-masking lets you tailor a treatment to your unique skin type, solving a medley of problems simultaneously.

Now, it goes without saying that the girls at the BeautyMNL office are obsessed with masks (not to mention, customized skincare). So obsessed, in fact, that we went straight to the multi-masking experts themselves: Origins.
At Origins’ Philippine HQ, we experienced Multi-Masking 101—and lucky for you, there’s a cheat sheet! Detoxifying clay masks work wonders for oily and combination skin, while creamy moisture masks are godsends for dry and sensitive skin. If you’re somewhere in between, you can even multi-mask with both clay and cream formulas at the same time. Here’s what to do.

Clay masks are designed for detoxification. They remove sebum, grime, makeup residue, and other kinds of debris from the skin. The end result: tighter pores, smoother skin, and a squeaky-clean face.

  • A mask primer
  • 3 different clay masks
  • 1 sheet mask

This liquid primer is a masking pre-treatment that optimizes your canvas. It’s infused with marine algae extract to help ingredients penetrate deeply into the skin.

USAGE: Position the bottle a ruler’s length away from the face. Close your eyes, tuck in your lips, and spritz. Gently pat in the liquid until it absorbs.
This dark gray mask contains white china clay and bamboo charcoal, which draw out dirt, impurities, and excess oil.
USAGE: Apply the mask over your T-zone or wherever your skin is the oiliest.
Made with Mediterranean rose clay and jojoba beads, this two-in-one mask cleanses the face while buffing away dead skin. Enjoy its beautiful pink color, delectable floral scent, and gentle exfoliation.
USAGE: Apply an even layer of the mask over your cheeks. Aim for medium coverage—neither too sheer nor too opaque. This will give you a radiant glow.
This pure white mask is designed especially for problem skin. It contains zinc oxide and sulfur to fight off acne-causing bacteria, as well as camphor to soothe the face instantly.
USAGE: Apply the mask directly over your problem areas or as a spot treatment for active pimples.

Your clay mask should be removed after 10 to 15 minutes.
STEP 1: Rinse off the charcoal mask. You may also use a wet washcloth to wipe it away.
STEP 2: Wet your fingers and remove the pink mask using small, circular motions. You will feel a gentle scrubbing against your skin (the jojoba beads at work!).
STEP 3: Then, wash away the white mask, as well as the residue left over from the pink mask. Pat your face dry.
STEP 4: Immediately replenish your skin with a sheet mask. For this, Origins suggests their Flower Fusion Mask Sheet, which contains flower butters for moisture and radiance.
Gently unfold the mask and place it over your face. Wear it for 15 minutes (or longer—you’re the boss!). After you remove the mask, pat the remaining essence into your skin.

Moisture masks are designed to “feed” the skin by flooding it with hydrating ingredients. They keep the skin soft, plump, and youthful. While each of these masks work beautifully on their own, they have a super-charged effect when used together.

  • A mask primer
  • 3 different moisture masks

    As with the clay multi-masking regimen, start by spritzing the face with the Origins Multimasker.
    This nourishing mask instantly replenishes your moisture reserves. It also prevents future dehydration from taking place again. The Japanese seaweed in it helps prevents signs of premature aging.
    USAGE: Apply the mask on the apples of the cheeks—or wherever hydration is needed most.
    This mask contains ultra-moisturizing algae extracts and apricot kernel oil, which maintain soft and supple skin texture. In just 10 minutes, you’ll feel the full effect of its moisture boost!
    USAGE: Slather a generous amount of the mask over your T-zone.
    This treatment mask uses Reishi Mushroom extract to pacify redness and irritation. It protects you from pollution damage and strengthens the skin over time.
    USAGE: Apply this mask over the chin and jawline. This will keep it tight and firm, while also calming the breakouts common to that area.
    Your moisture mask is ready to massage after 10 to 15 minutes.
    STEP 1: You may wipe off the excess product with a damp washcloth—or even better, massage it into your skin.
    STEP 2: Origins recommends a facial massage because it maximizes your mask. Push your skin upwards and outwards (to stimulate blood flow) until the remaining product has absorbed. No need to wash your face.
    In conclusion, multi-masking is multi-tasking—it makes your skincare work harder for you. And who doesn’t want that?

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    Special thanks to Samantha and Angela of Origins Philippines.

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