While the year is hurtling towards the finish line, the beauty innovations just never stop! And, boy, are we loving the latest one in our assortment. You already know how obsessed the BeautyMNL team is with face mists. And we’re proud to announce we may have found the finest of them all—literally. Meet our new favorite toy: the HiSpray Facial Moisturizing Spray by HiMirror.


Designed in Taiwan and manufactured locally, this computer mouse look-alike makes any facial spray work harder for you. It basically converts any water-soluble toner into a super-fine, super-luxurious mist! How fine, you ask? About 1/300th the size of your pores. With the press of a button, the HiSpray transforms any watery skin formula into teeny-tiny micro-particles.


To really break this down, let’s compare the HiSpray to your traditional face spray. A run-of-the-mill mist will dispense product just fine. But a normal bottle with a normal diffuser will spray out its product at the size of regular water molecules. And just so you know, regular water molecules are larger than your pores! Without mechanical help, those molecules will simply sit on top of your skin. That’s where the HiSpray comes in. By atomizing liquids into particles that are hundreds of times smaller than your pores, it allows product to seep deeper into your skin. Not only does this aid absorption, it actually amps up the effectivity of your skincare.


First of all, you can never have too many face mists. But besides that, this innovative tool saves you time, maximizes product, provides deeper hydration, and basically eliminates the need for cotton pads. It even features a cooling function that’s perfect for when you’re traveling. (Or, you know, just braving the Philippine heat in general.) Plus, it fits right in your pocket!

All you have to do is fill up the device and press a button! See our step-by-step demo, below.


FOR CHARGING STEP 1: If it’s your first time using your HiSpray, make sure it’s fully charged. To do this, simply connect the provided cord to the bottom of the device. STEP 2: Connect the USB end of the cord into any power source. Allow the device to charge up to 3 hours for a full battery. STEP 3: Once it’s full, the indicator light will turn blue.

BEFORE USE STEP 1: First, turn the device white side up. Push the top cover upwards. STEP 2: Pop off the rubber plug to reveal the opening. STEP 3: Now, take the provided dropper. Fill it up with your favorite watery toner. (You can even use mineral water if all you want to do is keep your face cool.) STEP 4: Place the dropper tip into the device’s opening. Dispense the product. Be sure to fill up the container until right below the opening only. STEP 5: Once that’s done, close the rubber plug and replace the back cover. Now, your HiSpray is ready to be used!

DURING USE STEP 1: Before anything else, start by gently shaking the device. STEP 2: Turn it on by sliding the front switch downwards. STEP 3: After a few moments, a fine mist will emanate from the front opening. Hold the device about 10 to 15 centimeters away from your face. STEP 4: Mist all sides of your face by moving the device in a U- and T-shaped motion. STEP 5: After 30 seconds, the device will automatically shut off.

Needless to say, this pocket-sized device is now a permanent fixture in our everyday purses. What toner do you plan on using with your HiSpray? The HiMirror HiSpray Facial Moisturizing Spray is available on BeautyMNL for P990. Shop it right here!

Credits: Video and photos by Kathy Austria. Don’t forget to follow BeautyMNL on Facebook and Instagram!

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