Have you ever loved a lipstick so darn much, you wanted the shade tattooed on your lips? Well, this Korean lip stain makes that possible—at least, temporarily. Meet the Peripera Airy Ink Velvets: some of the most long-lasting lip stains we’ve ever tried.
These are what you reach for when you’re sick of the teeth-smearing, chin-staining, inner rim-darkening effect many lipsticks leave behnid. The medium, buildable color lasts for hours and hours. No, seriously, test this lip stain’s staying power with multiple meals and loads of coffee, and it’ll stand up against ‘em all. The best thing is that it’s so lightweight, it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing anything on your lips at all. With its soft, featherweight texture, this stuff feels as “airy” as its name implies.

As of now, there are 5 available shades in the collection. All bright, happy, flattering hues, these colors are easy to love. Keep scrolling to see them on the girls at the BeautyMNL office.


Kat in 001 Heart Grapefruit
THE COLOR: A bright red-orange.
Venn in 002 Pretty Orange Pink
THE COLOR: A vibrant fuchsia pink.
Nisee in 003 Sold Out Red
THE COLOR: A classic blue-toned red.
Dani in 004 Beautiful Coral Pink
THE COLOR: A rich hot pink.
Lianne in 005 Elf Light Rose
THE COLOR: A true rose pink.

Try them today! You’ll see why these lippies are tattooed on our minds.

The Peripera Airy Ink Velvets are available on BeautyMNL for P430 each. Shop them right here.

Credits: Video and photos by Kat Echon. Don’t forget to follow BeautyMNL on Facebook and Instagram!

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