The beauty girl’s relationship with “good finds” is a tricky one. We’re always game for a great deal—but in the back of our minds, we’re iffy about quality. Can something super cheap actually be a super product? The answer, to put it plainly, is YES. We found 10 makeup products that prove it, with surprisingly stellar reviews!

1. DETAIL Lippie Liner, P99
Mikee, Fair Skin: “I received this product a few weeks ago and I can’t believe how in LOVE I am right away with this lip liner! The pigmentation is beautiful, [it] has a matte finish and it does not tug your lips. I can’t wait to purchase all the shades of this liner! Plus, it’s only 99 pesos! What a steal!”

2. Human Nature 100% Natural Lip Balm, P90
Irish, 27, Medium Skin: “I use this in the plain (no color) mint variant. I get very dry, super chapped lips and for some reason, most organic lip balms don’t really work for me. But, this lip balm actually works on me. I just put it on maybe 10 minutes before putting lipstick on top of it. That diminishes the lip lines and flakes that would show through lipstick and make it look uneven. It feels cool on the lips when you first put it on so it makes you feel like you have minty fresh breath, too.”

3. Suesh Neutral Eyeshadow Color Pots, currently on sale at P90 (limited time only)
Andria, 21, Medium Skin: “This was a surprisingly nice eyeshadow for a cheap price. The pigmentation was good and I found it to be easily blendable. The glitter tends to have quite a lot of fall out but nothing I can’t handle. You get a lot of product as well so this will definitely last you a long time.”

4. Lash Bar Inc. Lashes, currently on sale at P75 each (limited time only)
Dar, 28, Fair Skin: “For that instant seductive look. Good to know that this is on sale! Add to cart na agad, mga beshies! Falsies are the fastest way to perk up your peepers and amp up your look. Just put these [falsies] plus some lip and cheek tint and you’re good to go, sweetheart! Awesome for the summer parties.”

5. PRO Studio Set of 3 Circle Liquid Foundation Sponges, currently on sale at P95 (limited time only)
Carrie, Fair Skin: “These sponges are very functional. It blends products well and doesn’t absorb too much product. Overall, it does the job exceptionally well. Price is affordable since you get 3 for the price of 1. Plus, looking at the sponges together gives me a sense of fun and whimsy because of the colors! Love it!”

6. Skin Genie Lip and Cheek Stain Alive!, P80
Jana, 38, Medium Skin: “I’ve always been careful with the stuff I put on my skin in general. I avoid anything that’s heavy and harsh and I’m not a fan of retouching as well. If you’re looking for something that’s safe for your skin, light, natural-looking, a product that will complement your skin’s natural moisture and temperature, I recommend this product. This tint is just PERFECT for humid weather all throughout! It’s a product you can use right after you step out the shower I’d say! I give it a little shake, make sure the roller is filled with the tint, dab/roll on one cheek first, dab product with [my] ring fingertip until I get the natural amount of blush I want. Same goes for my lips. I have the SUNSET ORANGE for day and BURGUNDY WINE for evenings which goes well with my tan/bronze skin tone.”

7. Maybelline Fashion Brow Cream Pen, P99
Valerie, 34, Medium Skin: “Eyebrow products can be tricky. This product from Maybelline glides easily thanks to its cream formulation. I like the color. I think the best part of this product is its price. I just wish I can sharpen it sharply to make that highly defined lines that borders my brows. As a whole, get this product. Highly recommended!”

8. PRO Studio Touch Up Eyebrow Razors, currently on sale at P85 (limited time only)
Kathlea, 27, Fair Skin: “I love how affordable it is, compared to the one I saw in other online shops that costs 135 pesos. I love the colors. Cleans excess hair brow well. I gave the other one [in this set] to my friend. Very, very essential to kilay goals! I will not be using the square blade anymore!”

9. DETAIL Silicon Sponge, P99
Erika, 25, Fair Skin: “I never knew I needed a makeup blender until I found this gem. This sili-sponge is unbelievably cheap yet effective—it helps me blend my foundation like a dream without getting my hands dirty (I used to just blend makeup with my fingers.) The best part? This sponge does not soak up my expensive NARS foundation!!!!”

10. Bioré Cleansing Oil Facial Cotton Sheets, P99
Clara, 22, Medium Skin: “This is perfect for those long days when I feel my makeup is just melting off and I want to refresh and clean my face in the middle of the day. I just use one wipe to take off all my makeup and I feel a lot better. When I get home I still double-cleanse to make sure all the gunk & pollution of the day comes off.”

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