Everyone knows this classic Mommy Beauty Tip: to bring instant color to your cheeks, just pinch them! It always works. But while mothers know best, we prefer the less painful route. Nowadays, a simple cheek tint will do the trick. The best ones are soft, sheer, blendable, and natural, almost like the color’s emanating from within.
This brings us to today’s hot topic: the Cheer Water Cheek Tints by B. by Banila. If that sounds familiar, it’s because this collection comes from Banila Co., the maker of your favorite cleansing balms and gel primers. The K-beauty purveyor has just revamped its lineup, filing all skincare under the flagship Banila Co. brand and all makeup under the young, hip B. by banila. The cheek tints just happen to be the latter’s hero line!
With their light, gel-like texture, these tints bring you a believable flush. We bet our bottom centavo that if you’re new to cheek tints, you’ll LOVE this stuff. They’re easy blend, set powdery-smooth, and create the complete opposite of clown cheeks. Shout-out to the nail polish-esque packaging—totally chic, totally foolproof.

Below, see all 5 shades of the Cheer Water Cheek Tints on the girls at the BeautyMNL office.


Venn in Girlish Red
THE COLOR: A chic red-coral.
Alyssa in Merry Mauve
THE COLOR: A pretty pinkish-mauve.
Kat in Coral Water
THE COLOR: A soft, milky orange.
Claire in Pink Chou Cream
THE COLOR: A subtle rose pink.
Kathy in Pink Glow
THE COLOR: A translucent pearl that’s made for highlighting.

And there you have it—just-pinched cheeks in a jiffy!

The Banila Co. B. by Banila Cheer Water Cheek is available on BeautyMNL for P595. Shop it right here!

Video and photos by Kathy Austria. Don’t forget to follow BeautyMNL on Facebook and Instagram!

“Pacific Sun” by Nicolas Heidlas

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