Brace your bathroom counters, girls, because the skincare game is about to change again. While last year played with edgy ingredients (remember bee glue?), 2017 will focus on simple yet hardworking innovations. Revamp your routine with the 5 up-and-coming skincare trends below!


What you’re looking at is probably the quirkiest skincare trend to date. Cleansers just got a makeover with these multitasking beauty balls! No, they’re not edible, but they are powerful. Each individual sphere packs a unique blend of ingredients to improve the weak points of your skin—grease, dullness, dehydration, you name it. All you have to do is crumble one in your palm, mix in some water, and lather up.

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Actives are not exactly “new,” especially if you’re a Korean beauty devotee. But this year, they’re finally taking the spotlight as the hardest-working heroes of any facial routine. Using minimal yet hyper-concentrated ingredients, these post-toner solutions target everything from acne scars to wrinkles. Most importantly, they work fast. You’ll most likely see results within a week’s time, if not overnight.

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Traditional skincare is making a huge comeback with more and more makeup removers showing up as soap bars. They work exactly the same way your second-step facial foam would—they just happen to be in solid form! Often infused with natural ingredients, these beauty bars swiftly lift residue and clarify your pores.

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Simply put, fermented skincare is the future. Why? When skincare ingredients are broken down through fermentation, they produce good bacteria (like yeast!) and transform into smaller particles. In turn, these smaller particles absorb more quickly, penetrate the skin layers more deeply, and heal any dermal woes more effectively. All together now: fermented skincare is the future.

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With the amount of layering involved in skincare nowadays, it’s only natural for brands to move towards lightweight formulas. Case in point: gel-based products are slowly but surely becoming the norm. Unlike rich emollient creams or slick oils, gels sink into the skin with ease, quickly locking in moisture. Also, there’s absolutely no greasy aftermath, which PH-dwellers will appreciate.

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