The stress of the holidays takes a physical toll on us—and you’ll see it not only in your skin, but also in your hair. Some people experience hairfall, others get flaky scalps, while the unluckiest even sprout gray strands. Ugh! What’s a girl to do with no time for a salon treatment?

DIY, that’s what. Surya Brasil sent us their best-selling Henna Powder just in time for the Novemblur, and we could not wait to indulge in this at-home solution. FYI, it’s natural, organic, and vegan, so all you health nuts are in for a treat. Watch!

Prepping yourself for a plethora of Christmas parties leaves no room for error, so a foolproof dye like the Henna Powder is the way to go. With 100% natural botanical ingredients, it’s the healthiest way to touch up your ‘do! All it takes is four easy steps.


STEP 1: Mix the henna powder with half a cup of warm water and stir until you achieve a paste-like consistency. Add more water if needed.

STEP 2: Using a brush, apply the solution to your hair in sections. Make sure to coat your strands completely and evenly for optimum effect!

STEP 3: Wrap your hair with the plastic cap included in the box. Wait 30 to 45 minutes.

STEP 4: Lastly, rinse out the henna, give your hair a quick blow-dry, and voilà! The final look is super subtle on dark hair, so if all you want is a little touch-up, not a huge change, this product’s for you! (Now, if you’re in the market for a full hair makeover, we’d say that the Henna Powder is most effective on light hair transitioning to dark). Whether you’re a dye-hard addict or hair color newbie, the flattering shades complement virtually any skin tone and hair type. Something to keep in mind the next time you need a fixer-upper!

The Surya Brasil Henna Powder is available for only P390 at BeautyMNL. Shop it right here!

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