Putting on pretty eyeshadow is neither as intimidating nor as complicated as you might think. Unless you’re doing editorial eye makeup, a flattering nude palette is all you need for every day and that occasional fancy event. Today, I’m teaching you the secrets of my daily eyeshadow look, using W7’s Colour Me Buff Palette. Most of the time, I use nothing more than two shadows and a single brush—seriously!
STEP 1: Choose a light shade that will go over your eyelid in a wash. A “wash” refers to a sheer layer of color. This can be applied over half your lid or even the whole way through, depending on how intense you want it to look. A shimmery gold or beige would be a good place to start. Here, I’m using the shade Camel.
STEP 2: Choose your contrast color. This simply refers to the darker version of your wash. This should be applied close to the upper lash line. If you want to make your eyes look instantly bigger, extend the contrast color a little past the eye. Here, I’m using the shade Thunder.
STEP 3: To add more definition to your eyes, apply mascara. Mascaras are typically quicker to work with than eyeliner. When concentrated at the roots of your lashes, it can actually make you look like you’re wearing eyeliner! Here, I used the Pixi Lash Booster Mascara, but you can use whatever formula you prefer.
To finish off my look, I added lip color and blush.

LIPS: Make sure your lips are as pretty as your eyes! I moisturized my lips with the In Her Element Nourish & Cleanse Balm. It’s not just yummy, it primes your lips, too.
I followed this with the Pink Sugar Sugar Tint in Queen Bee. This liquid lipstick is flattering on Filipina skin and is Pink Sugar’s bestselling shade.
CHEEKS: Apply your blush last so you can see exactly how much color your face needs. I’m using the Pixi MultiBalm in Soft Strawberry for a natural flush. Just swipe a bit over each cheeks, then blend out with your fingers. Done!
All this makes for a quick ‘n’ easy everyday look. If I want smokier eyes, I just pack on a little more of the darker shadow, but that’s pretty much it. Try it for yourself!