There are three non-negotiables for looking your best: stay hydrated, get enough sleep, and take care of your skin. So when South Korea introduced a skincare product that hydrates your face while you’re fast sleep, the beauty world was (naturally) hooked.

Sleeping packs are basically masks that you don’t wash off. The ultimate evening creams, they work overnight to bring your skin intense hydration. Apply them as the last step in your skincare regimen to seal in the rest of your products, and you’ll enjoy your most productive beauty sleep yet! Here are two of our top recos.

SPLURGE: Ocean Skin Speedy Dewy Firming Sleeping Mask, P1,706 For people in need of a multi-tasker, the Speedy Dewy Firming Sleeping Mask is basically gold. It contains the oceanic super-ingredient phytoplankton, which prevents the formation of wrinkles, fine lines, and other blemishes. Extremely hydrating, the mask also has a bouncy texture and a fresh fragrance reminiscent of the sea. If you’re seeking a product that renews and rejuvenates your face on the daily, this one’s definitely worth a try.

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SAVE: Mizon Goodnight Sleeping Mask, P618 Need a more affordable option? The Goodnight Sleeping Mask is a budget-friendly bestseller. It’s formulated with hyaluronic acid and niacinamide, which nourish and brighten the skin, respectively. In other words, get ready to glow! This moisturizing mask is also a good treatment for redness, discoloration, and premature skin-aging. Score!

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Which mask will you be trying: Ocean Skin’s deep sea hydrator or Mizon’s moisturizing pack?