Anyone with a peppered nose knows that blackhead removal is tricky business. Even peel-off masks can leave your pores wide open, allowing those pesky spots to come right back! But don’t worry—not all hope is lost. For long-lasting results, 3-step nose packs are the way to go.

Unlike typical nose patches, these kits cover all the essentials. First, they open up your pores. Then, they gently extract dirt and dried-up oil. And finally, they refine your freshly-cleansed skin. This way, your pores aren’t left vulnerable after the treatment, but in tighter, tiptop shape. Below, we’re recommending two excellent nose packs to fit your budget!

SPLURGE: April Skin Pinky Clay Nose Pack, P849
Want maximum gunk removal? The April Skin Pinky Clay Nose Pack is your match made in heaven. First, apply the toner to loosen the blackheads trapped deep inside your pores. Next, coat your nose in the detoxifying pink clay to draw out all the bad stuff. After rinsing, finish off the process with the collagen gel. This soothes the treated area and serves as excellent pore care. With weekly use, this 3-step routine will keep your schnozz clean and clear. PS. You can use it on your T-zone, too!

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SAVE: Holika Holika Pig Nose Clear Black Head 3-Step Kit, now P80 (limited time only)
For a travel-friendly fix, get yourself the Pig Nose Clear Black Head 3-Step Kit by Holika Holika. You get the same toning, extracting, and moisturizing properties in three convenient strips! Just apply each patch over your nose for the stipulated amount of time, and they’ll do all the work for you. Now, it would be helpful to know that each pack is only good for one use. But at only 80 bucks a pop, who says you can’t stock up? We dare you to say no to a deal like that!

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What’s your pick: April Skin’s gunk-sucking clay or Holika Holika’s super absorbent strips?