No matter how devoted you are to your skincare routine, your pores will likely clog at some point. Our favorite fix? Bentonite clay. Known for its intensive detoxification properties, there are numerous benefits to using this earthen, mineral-rich face mask. Not only does it vacuum out dirt, oil, and dead skin, but it also tightens and shrinks your pores. That way, it’ll be harder for toxins to penetrate the surface of your skin the next time around. No wonder that it’s reached and retained cult-fave status! With results both instant and lasting, it’s definitely a skinsolution that’s tough to beat.

With its growing popularity, tons of brands now offer their own versions of bentonite clay powder, but we’ve narrowed down 2 of our top picks. Whether you’re on a tight budget or raring to go on a spree, these pore-purifying power-ups give you way more than what you pay more.

SPLURGE: Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay, P525
Championed as “The World’s Most Powerful Facial,” everyone knows this stuff does not come to play. Users swear by its intense, pulsating effect. But how does it happen, really? When combined with water or apple cider vinegar, the clay releases a negative magnetic charge that performs a rhythmic throb on your skin. In other words, you can literally feel it suction off blackheads and blemishes. It’s also enriched with over 50 minerals, and serves as a natural remedy for minor wounds, eczema, psoriasis, and fungal infections. We’ll cut to the chase: It’s a bestselling product onsite, and is almost always sold out. You don’t want to miss it this time!

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SAVE: Miju Glow Bentonite Clay (50g), P145
If you’re new to clay masks or have sensitive skin, try this gentler alternative instead. This similar formula works as a natural exfoliator. It smoothens scars, brightens dark spots, and effectively sucks out dirt. Simply form a paste with water or ACV, and leave on your face for 15 to 20 minutes. Although its pulsating effect is a notch lower, it still leaves the same purified, radiant complexion underneath the cracks. At such a steal price, this travel-friendly tub is worth every single peso and more. You’ll be surprised at how many uses you can get out of it! (Plus, you can always opt for the bigger size for only P245.)

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What’s your pick: Aztec Secret’s legendary tub or Miju Glow’s small-but-terrible dupe?