Achieving the blushing bride look is all about application. Yes, the blush you use matters—but the brush you use is what turns makeup into magic.

A good blush brush must have the power to create a natural-looking flush with next to no effort. Not a MUA? No biggie—your brush should camouflage any newbie mistakes. Try your hand with one of our two picks, below!

SPLURGE: Suesh Angled Blush Brush, now on sale at P523 (limited time only)
Want to streamline your tool kit? Wield the Angled Blush Brush, a true Suesh staple. Made with a narrowly-shaped head and slanted bristles, this secret weapon applies everything from blush and bronzer to highlighter and setting powder. It even works for contouring! Basically, you’re getting 5 separate functions rolled into one expertly crafted wand. To top it all off, the slender wooden handle fits snugly in your palm, giving you total control and precision. In our eyes, P523 is a small price to pay for professional quality.

Shop it here.

SAVE: Detail Bamboo Stick Blush Brush, P199
For a mere P200, the Bamboo Stick Blush Brush makes a stunning addition to your vanity. Its pale pink, bamboo-inspired handle exudes luxury—it’ll look gorgeous in flatlays, basically. But IG aesthetic aside, DETAIL’s angled bristle design is the real star of the show. Every sweep over your skin will feel as soft as velvet. Because it’s made with just enough fluff, this brush applies pigment beautifully, leaving you with a seamless, non-patchy finish. So long, Raggedy-Anne cheeks!

Shop it here.

So, what’s your pick: Suesh’s 5-in-1 wand or DETAIL’s picture-perfect brush?