They say the eyes are the windows to the soul—but honestly, who cares about your eyes if your brows aren’t on fleek? Not only do those arches define your face, they can also affect how the world perceives you. Are you fierce and fearless? Are you sweet and simple? Many times, the way you shape ‘n’ shade can spell the difference.

Take it from Celina Fernandez, Benefit’s National Brow Artist in the Philippines. (Sidebar: how does one get this wonderful job?) In our exclusive BeautyMNL tutorial, Celina creates four brow styles on one girl. No threading, waxing, or tweezing, mind you—just Bene-formulas. Watch, learn, and try it for yourself!


This look defines your natural brows by enhancing their shape and plumping up their texture.
STEP 1: Prep your brows with Browvo! Conditioning Primer and let it dry. NOTE: You may repeat this step for each of the brow styles in this tutorial.
STEP 2: Use Precisely, My Brow Pencil to lightly define your natural brow shape.
STEP 3: Next, fill in your brows using short, upward strokes.
STEP 4: If needed, use the spoolie to soften the color and evenly distribute the product.
STEP 5: Brush Ready, Set, Brow! or Gimme Brow through your strands. Use upward motions to create soft, natural-looking, “feathery” texture.


With its tapered arch, this look adds height to your brows and instantly lifts the face.
STEP 1: Open a Brow Zings set and determine the most flattering shades for your brows.
STEP 2: Apply the wax from arch to tail. To emphasize the arch, lift the outline just a hair above your natural edge.
STEP 3: Next, use the powder to fill in sparse areas.
STEP 4: For added definition, apply the High Brow Highlighter directly over the brow bone.
STEP 5: Blend it in a downward motion for subtle definition.


This Korean-inspired look softens your features and adds a youthful freshness to the face.
STEP 1: Using the Ka-BROW! Cream Gel Brow Color, trace a straight line across the base of the brow. Start from the arch and move towards the tail. This will obscure your natural arch and make it look straighter.
STEP 2: Use a stippling motion to shade in the outline.
STEP 3: Brush the 3D BROWtones Highlights through your strands to create texture and definition.


This look in a nutshell: Your Brows But Better.
STEP 1: Use the Goof Proof Brow Pencil to lightly trace your natural brow shape.
STEP 2: Fill in the entire brow using short, hair-like strokes.
STEP 3: Blend upwards with the spoolie brush.
STEP 4: Brush the Gimme Brow over your handiwork. You’ll want to follow the direction of your natural hair growth to set your strands in place.
Transformation complete! Proves there’s a brow for every mood and personality, yes?
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Credits: Video and photos by Kat Echon. Don’t forget to follow BeautyMNL on Facebook and Instagram!

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