Word on the street (and by that, we mean on Gothamista’s YouTube Channel) is that there’s a new skincare super-ingredient to watch. And it’s one Filipinos know, love, and use frequently in the kitchen! In 2018, we’re going to be amazed by the power of moringa A.K.A. malunggay.
While Moringa oleifera is no magic elixir, it certainly comes close. Also known as the “Miracle Tree”, this tropical plant is known to regulate cholesterol and can even help prevent diseases like cancer.

Its beauty benefits are equally impressive, including smoothening and fortifying effects and a noticeable delay in the signs of aging. But where the plant really shines is in its ability to fight free radicals. It contains large amounts of antioxidants, like vitamins A, B, and C. For anyone who experiences prolonged pollution and stress (meaning all of us!), this ingredient will prove particularly useful.

With the multitude of benefits moringa offers, we are certain it will be more than just a passing trend. Check out 4 of our favorite moringa-laced products, below!


1. My Prime Multi-Purpose Mattifying Moisturizer, P2,100 For your best complexion ever, try this antioxidant-rich moisturizer. Infused with moringa oil, its formula helps remove toxins from the skin, even out your overall tone, and diminish existing wrinkles.

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2. Human Nature Hydrating Toner (200ml), P185 Toners get a bad rap mostly because the ones of the past left the skin dry and painful. But this proudly-local toner proves otherwise! It’s enriched with moringa seed extract, which purifies and reconditions the skin without any sting. Bonus points for the plant collagen in the formula, which helps keep fine lines at bay.

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3. Ysabel’s Daughter Moringa Body Wash with Orange & Walnut, P995
When you live in a humid country, exposure to sweat and pollution is unavoidable. Fortunately, it’s still no match against moringa’s cleansing power. Try it yourself with this all-natural body wash, which contains a good amount of detoxifying properties. These neutralize the harmful effects of pollutants so your skin stays clean and germ-free.

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4. The Tropical Shop Natural Moringa Body Butter, P200
For smooth, glowing skin all over, coat yourself in a moringa body butter from shoulder to ankle. This one heals dry patches, provides lasting hydration, and protects your skin from heat and pollution. No more rashes, sagging, or rough bumps!

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Photos and video by Kat Echon.

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