As useful as it is to have a tried-and-tested beauty routine, it can get a little… well, boring. Especially if you like to get dolled up on the daily. Having a baseline is great, but taking risks is part of what makes beauty so fun. Your favorite MLBB lippie might look like it was made for you, but some days just feel ripe for something bolder. A vivid red, perhaps?

Take BeautyMNL team member Tati, for example: her daily face routine involves fluffed up brows, a hint of tint, and little else. Red lipstick is something she rarely, if ever, picks up for everyday looks—it’s just too far out of her comfort zone, she shares. So, naturally, we challenged her to wear red lipstick for one week to see if it would be a welcome change.

Could Tati learn to love a brighter, more striking pout? Watch the video above for her thoughts, and scroll for the lippies she tried!


1. Rom&nd Lip Driver in Skid Mark, P700

WHAT IT IS: A lightweight matte liquid lipstick that settles into a powdery finish

THE COLOR: A summer-ready tangerine red

TATI’S THOUGHTS: “This was honestly the brightest lipstick I’ve ever worn. I remember walking to work and being so self-conscious, but as soon as I walked in, I received nothing but compliments. I loved how elegant it looks and how it made me feel like a boss. It’s the perfect lip for nights out, too.”

2. BLK Cosmetics All That #FEELS Matte Lipstick in Pretty, now on sale at P279 (limited time only)

WHAT IT IS: A mousse-like, soft-matte liquid lipstick with hydrating properties

THE COLOR: A subtle brick red

TATI’S THOUGHTS: “I really like that this red was a dark maroon that contrasted so starkly with my skin. I think it gave me a ‘romantic’ look. It’s a confidence-boosting shade that I’d comfortably wear often.”

3. Careline Kiss Sticks in Native, P175

WHAT IT IS: A twistable lip crayon with a built-in sharpener that smoothly applies

THE COLOR: A vibrant poppy red

TATI’S THOUGHTS: “This one’s a bright yet subtle red, which is great if you want your look to pop without drawing too much attention. The packaging made it very easy to apply without smudging. It’s a sweet, girl-next-door type of Iippie.”

4. Benefit They’re Real Red On, P1,330

WHAT IT IS: A velvety, shine-free lip product that comes in a super cute compact

THE COLOR: A scene-stealing true red

TATI’S THOUGHTS: “I’m pretty sure this is what love feels like. Between the color and staying power, this was the exact red lipstick for me. I wore it while I ran some simple errands, which made me feel slightly self-conscious and “too extra” for wearing red. But I reminded myself that as long as I liked it and I felt like myself, there was no point feeling shame.”

5. Sunnies Fluffmatte in Major, P345

WHAT IT IS: A classic bullet lipstick that’s weightless and silky with intense color payoff

THE COLOR: A flattering, blue-toned red

TATI’S THOUGHTS: “I love the powdery formula that applies super soft and doesn’t leave a sticky finish. By now, I’ve gotten a little more used to red on my lips, and capping this challenge off with such a low-maintenance pick just makes for a perfect ending.”


“At first, I didn’t think I could be nervous about lipstick. After all, makeup comes off, so it’s nothing to kick up a fuss about. But on Day 1, I admit that I was worried about what people would say and the attention I’d get. My everyday makeup is very simple, almost bare, so this was definitely a side of me I haven’t explored.

But throughout the five days, I realized that I was the only one holding myself back and putting myself down. Admittedly, not every shade of red was for me. But like I said, makeup comes off, which is what makes it so fun to experiment with. I noticed that putting a bit of extra effort into looking good helped me feel more ready for the day. I loved the boost it gave my mornings!

There’s this idea that red lipstick is a statement in itself. It’s powerful and bold, and not everyone would be comfortable wearing it casually. While this is all true and fair, don’t let the color scare you. Don’t limit yourself just because you think it’s ‘not you’ or it’s ‘too striking.’ Sure, red definitely gives off a different energy, but it’s really just a color. It’s up to you to decide what your red energy is!”

Would you take on this challenge? Tell us what color/s out of your comfort zone you’d wear for a week!

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