We don’t know about you, but running out of our Holy Grails usually puts us into a panic. There’s always that last precious bit of product you simply can’t get out! And no matter how minuscule, that’s a massive waste in our book. But like the old adage goes, when there’s a will, there’s a way! And we think we may have just found two in the Every Drop Spatulas by Every Beauty. These award-winning tools allow you to scrape out every last particle of product that’s stuck inside a bottle, jar, or tube. They come in two sizes: a regular beauty spatula and a smaller lip spatula. Designed with a tapered head and a flexible shaft, these washable scoops easily fit into narrow openings. This way, you can retrieve any leftover product clinging to the sides and bottoms of any type of packaging. Pretty straightforward, right? On top of that, these spatulas also work as applicators to help you avoid touching products with bare fingers. The soft silicone material won’t absorb liquids or creams, making each tool both economical and hygienic.

Watch the demo above, and read all the instructions below!


SIZE: Every Drop Beauty Spatula, P300
BEST FOR: Scooping out foundations, lotions, serum-sized bottles, and large tubes. SIZE: Every Drop Lip Spatula, P300
BEST FOR: Scraping out lipstick tubes, lipgloss containers, and other narrow vessels like travel-sized minis.
Regardless of the spatula size you’re using, both tools work exactly the same (super simple!) way.

STEP 1: Insert the tapered tip into the opening of your container. STEP 2: Run the tip across the sides of the container or over the bottom of the tube to retrieve product. Its flexible material should give you enough mobility to reach into the narrowest spaces. STEP 3: Carefully remove the spatula from the container, holding it product side up so you don’t lose a single drop or daub.
And that’s it! Now, you’ll really get your money’s worth with every beauty haul. Every Beauty’s spatulas are available on BeautyMNL for P300. Shop the Beauty Spatula here and the Lip Spatula here!

Photos and video by Kathy Austria.

“Not For Nothing” by Otis McDonald

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