When it comes to homegrown beauty brands, Happy Skin is as iconic as it gets. They’re pioneers in the Philippine makeup scene—the OGs, as the kids say—and to this day, they’re still making waves. Designed for the modern Filipina, Happy Skin shot to fame with skin-caring ingredient lists and fabulous packaging. Look at this stuff: Isn’t it neat? Mind you, what you’re ogling isn’t just cute—it’s also brand new! To celebrate their official launch on BeautyMNL, Happy Skin has just dropped its Eye Woke Up Like This Collection: 6 eye makeup must-haves you’ve never seen before. These babies are exclusively available on BeautyMNL from May 14 to 22—which means you have a one-week head start before the rest of the world descends. Scroll to see them in action!


PRODUCT #1: Tweezers With Brush, P299
WHAT IT IS: These slanted-tip tweezers are fitted with a brow-grooming brush. The tweezers grasp and pluck individual strands, while the brush sets every hair back in place.

STEP 1: Brush up your brows.
STEP 2: Tweeze any stray hairs in the direction of your natural growth.
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PRODUCT #2: Eye Love View Too Microtip Eyebrow Pencil & Spoolie, P699
WHAT IT IS: This ultra-fine brow pencil draws on natural, hair-like strokes. It also comes with a spoolie! We love how the pigment fills in sparse areas and holds unruly hairs in place at once.

STEP 1: Outline your brows with the precision-tip pencil.
STEP 2: Shade them in with short, upward strokes.
STEP 3: Use the spoolie to blend out the pigment.
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PRODUCT #3: Say Eye Do Easy Cushion Eyeshadow Duo, P699
WHAT IT IS: This unique dual-ended pen is infused with dense, shimmery pigments. You don’t need a brush to apply them—that’s what the built-in sponge applicators are for. Best of all, these eyeshadows stay put all day!

STEP 1: Sweep Champagne (pearlescent gold) onto your lid.
STEP 2: Apply Espresso (coppery brown) close to the lashline.
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PRODUCT #4: Maximeyes Perfect Lash Curler, P499
WHAT IT IS: This rose-gold curler gives your lashes a natural curve. It comes with a turquoise silicone pad that has comfortable rounded edges. The opening of this curler is extra wide—wider than most, honestly! So it won’t pinch the corners of your eyes, no matter what their shape.
STEP 1: Position the curler at the base of your lash line.

STEP 2: Clamp it over your lashes for 5 seconds.

STEP 3: Release.

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PRODUCT #5: At Long Lash Supercurl Waterproof Mascara, P999
WHAT IT IS: This brushless wand features a delicately threaded design to coat your lashes from base to tip. It also catches every single lash without smearing, smudging, or clumping.

STEP 1: Sweep the wand under your lashes from base to tip.
STEP 2: Hold the wand vertical and use the tip to build up the coverage of individual lashes.
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PRODUCT #6: Pretty Clean Instant Makeup Eraser, P499
WHAT IT IS: This makeup-erasing pen is the perfect tool for touch-ups. It corrects smudges, smears, and other mistakes. Its lightweight, non-oily formula even erases waterproof products!
STEP 1: Gently glide the pen over eye makeup or lipstick to remove. NOTE: Clean the pen with tissue paper after every use to avoid product build-up.
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The Happy Skin Eye Woke Up Like This Collection is exclusively available on BeautyMNL from May 14-22, 2017. Shop them right here!

Credits: Video and photos by Kat Echon. Don’t forget to follow BeautyMNL on Facebook and Instagram!

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