Back in October, Vice Ganda introduced the world to Vice Cosmetics, his eponymous makeup line. The launch was a Showtime-sized sensation, generating as much buzz on the Internet as there was outside of it. So much so, both the Phenomenal Lip Kits and the Good Vibes Lipsticks sold out the week they hit the market.

This week, Vice is back with brand-spankin’-new lipsticks and laugh-out-loud shade names to match! If these colors haven’t sold out already by the time you read this, consider it a miracle. Have a look!
Pretty, right? There are eight new additions to the Good Vibes Lipstick Collection, as well as eight new Phenomenal Liquid Lipsticks (these ones come solo, not in kits). That brings us to a total of 16 perfectly pigmented lip colors. And yes, each one is as gorgeous as you would expect. You’ve got light options, deep options, understated options, statement options! As was the case with Vice’s debut collection, each lipstick is super matte and lasts for hours. The only problem you’ll run into is picking just one.
Since these lipsticks retail for only P195 a pop, we think it’s A-OK to give in to temptation (wink). Scroll to see the swatch-a-thon!


Erika in Sisteraka
THE COLOR: A cool orchid.
Maia in Achuchuchu
THE COLOR: A blue-toned red.
Ayana in Chenelyn
THE COLOR: A deep rose.
Nia in Kyemerut
THE COLOR: A simple taupe.
Kathy in Hanash
THE COLOR: A plummy brown.
Venn in Cheverlooo
THE COLOR: A dusty pink.
Trish in Ravaaan
THE COLOR: A brick-brown.
Claire in Kerstofayn
THE COLOR: A berry pink.


Trish in Havey
THE COLOR: A muted red.
Erika in Bet na Bet
THE COLOR: A baby pink.
Ayana in Eklavu
THE COLOR: A toasted flesh tone.
Nia in Chururutz
THE COLOR: A peachy nude.
Maia in Bonggacious
THE COLOR: A flashy magenta.
Kathy in Severe
THE COLOR: A pinkish red.
Venn in Ekzaj
THE COLOR: A true mauve.
Claire in ChukChak
THE COLOR: A terracotta beige.

The Vice Cosmetics Phenomenal Liquid Lipsticks and Good Vibes Lipsticks are available on BeautyMNL for P195 each. Shop them right here!

Video and photos by Kat Echon.

Enjoy by Joakim Karud

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