It’s true: no Pinoy meal is complete without a cup of fluffy white rice. As the foundation for meals like adobo, crispy liempo, and kare-kare, can you think of anything more versatile?
As you probably know, though, white rice isn’t the most wholesome of carbs. It contains less vitamins and minerals than its counterparts, and is comprised of calories with little to no impact on our energy levels.

This is probably one reason to consider replace your cup of white rice. Only problem? It’s a challenge to look for alternatives that are just as tasty. Luckily, our Wellness assortment is chockfull of them.
Watch the video for 6 worthy alternatives—and why loyalists might want to consider replacing their cups of white rice, too. Most under 300 calories for P450 or less!


CALORIES: ~200 calories per cup

TASTE: Adlai’s taste profile varies from neutral to nutty, and pairs well with meat or fish.

TEXTURE: Its chewy consistency complements rich meals, transporting the utmost flavor from the plate and into your mouth.


  • Contains more protein and “good” fats than regular white rice
  • Can help regulate blood sugar and blood pressure
  • Considered gluten-free

TRY: Adrice Adlai (1kg), P330, Farm to Folk Organic Brown Adlai (1kg), P350, Farm to Folk
Organic White Adlai (1kg)
, P340, The Healthy Grocery Adlay Blend, P349


CALORIES: ~216 calories per cup

TASTE: Brown rice offers a nutty, almost vegetal taste. In comparison to white rice, which is neutral in flavor, it’s much more flavorful.

TEXTURE: With a medium to firm and chewy texture when cooked the right way, brown rice is not unlike its red rice counterpart.


  • Contains more protein and three times more fiber than white rice
  • Can help regulate blood sugar and insulin
  • May lower the risk of heart disease

TRY: Fresh Start Organics Brown Rice (2kg), P331


CALORIES: ~200 calories per cup

TASTE: Although its nutty taste is like brown rice, people would argue its much earthier.

TEXTURE: While it’s chewier than white rice, it’s less firm than brown rice.


  • Packed with flavonoid antioxidants to fight free radicals
  • Rich in protein and fiber, which aids in moving things along
  • May lower the risk of certain chronic illnesses

TRY: Farm to Folk Organic Heirloom Rice: Ulikan Red Rice (1kg), P450, Farm to Folk Organic Red Rice (1kg), P210, Fresh Start Organics Red Rice (2kg), P331


CALORIES: ~218 per cup

TASTE: The taste of quinoa varies according to the type, ranging from earthy to neutral. Among the varieties, white quinoa is the most neutral.

TEXTURE: The consistency of quinoa is unique, like a mix of oatmeal and chewy white rice.


  • Provides nine essential amino acids, making it a “complete protein”
  • High in protein, which may increase the metabolism
  • Can reduce blood sugar and insulin levels

TRY: ASAB Organics Black Quinoa (200g), P230, ASAB Organics Tri-Color Quinoa (200g), P205, ASAB Organics White Quinoa (200g), P160, The Healthy Grocery Golden Quinoa, P299, The Superfood Grocer Quinoa 1lb. (454g), P349


CALORIES: ~20 calories per cup

TASTE: Rice made of shirataki is virtually taste-free. Instead, it absorbs the flavor of sauces and spices it’s cooked with.

TEXTURE: Shirataki rice is like that of toothsome al dente noodles with a lot of chew. Whether you like this or not is a matter of preference.


  • Reduces carbohydrate and cholesterol absorption
  • Can fight colon inflammation
  • Comprised of few calories, which may aid in weight loss

TRY: 7Grains Company Skinny Carbs Shirataki Rice, P115, SOZO Natural Shirataki Rice (270g), P150

CALORIES: ~329 per cup

TASTE: Sorghum is nutty in flavor, resembling the taste profiles of brown and red rice.

TEXTURE: Its texture is not unlike brown rice or quinoa, with a firm yet chewy consistency.


  • Possesses rich antioxidant properties
  • Contains plenty of protein and fiber and almost half of the iron you need
  • Reduces blood sugar levels and insulin

TRY: Wholly Grain Sorghum Grains (1kg), P170, Wholly Grain Sorghum Grains (2kg), P320

Video and photos by Kathy Austria

Music: Sunrise Drive by South London HiFi (YouTube Audio Library)

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