The very thing that makes summer a vacation also makes for some pretty challenging skin issues. Yes, we’re talking about our love-hate relationship with the sun. We live for its bronzing effect on the bod, but too much can lead to hyperpigmentation, congestion, and what we call “zit-uations.”

Our suggestion: get yourself a face oil. These all-natural potions solve everything from oiliness to dark spots while you enjoy the sand and surf. Below, we’ve listed 6 V&M blends to get you through the summer. Once you’ve pinned down your savior, use it with abandon!


TRY: Rosehip Oil, P800
Summer is the heyday for hyperpigmentation—those deep, dark, hard-to-delete marks. To clear this up, massage your spots with a dab of rosehip oil. This miracle oil counteracts darkening and even works wonders for stretch marks. Shop it here.


TRY: Copaiba Oil, P800
When the mercury rises, your sebum levels do, too. Keep oil at bay with the powerful anti-inflammatory properties of copaiba oil. The micronutrients in this oil restore balance to troubled skin, while its antiseptic nature fights acne-causing bacteria. Shop it here.


TRY: Sacha Inchi Oil, P800
Scorching heat usually means dry patches all over the face and body. Nothing Sacha Inchi oil can’t fix! This oil is loaded with moisture-boosting nutrients like Omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin E, and tocopherol. When mixed with your moisturizer, it locks in hydration and repairs flaky skin. Shop it here.


TRY: Fully Refined Emu Oil, P960
Spent way too much time in the sun? Relieves painful burns with emu oil, the world’s fastest-penetrating natural remedy. When applied topically, it helps repair damaged skin and delivers a surge of moisture. Shop it here.


TRY: Brightening Love Plant Oil, P800
Sun protection doesn’t stop at sunscreen. Stave off UV damage by supplementing your routine with Love Plant Oil. A powerhouse blend of botanical oils, this plumps up wrinkles and provides penetrative hydration. In a nutshell, it’s an anti-aging beauty secret that makes your skin bounce. Shop it here.


TRY: CPC+G Oil, P350
Unless you live underground, the sun is impossible to sidestep. That’s why this whitening oil has become a permanent fixture in our summer routines. A blend of clair blanch, papain, calamansi, and glutathione, this oil lightens pigmentation and helps you achieve a brighter skin tone. Shop it here.

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