Skincare is the best place to start when it comes to defying age—but how we apply makeup also makes a visible difference. Too much concealer? Instant wrinkles. Too-thin brows? Hello, tita. So, unless you want to add 10 years to your face, here are 5 common mistakes you should try to avoid!


Packing on way too much foundation will age your complexion. This will most likely cake, and a cakey base accentuates any existing fine lines.

THE FIX: To avoid caking, apply base makeup with a brush or a damp sponge. This will evenly distribute the product all over your face and prevent it from settling into patches. Say hello to a seamless canvas!

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Everyone looks great with a sun-kissed glow, but too much bronzer? That’s just a tan gone wrong. When applied in excess, bronzer’s warm, yellow-brown undertones can make you look muddy and over-baked.

THE FIX: Apply bronzer only where it’s needed: over your hairline, under your cheekbones, and across your jawline. Then, blend it out with a buffing brush. This creates a glowing “halo effect”—and a youthful jetsetter tan.

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When it comes to dark circles or blemishes, our first instinct is to pack on the concealer. Unfortunately, this only accentuates your problem areas more. And by problem areas, we mean dark circles and premature wrinkles. What’s that they say about too much of a good thing?

THE FIX: Apply concealer in light layers. Then, simply build on it until you achieve your desired coverage. By using concealer this way, you prevent it from settling into any uneven parts of your skin. Finally, make sure to apply product only where needed!

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There’s a reason why Lily Collins’s brows are highly coveted. A full, well-groomed pair adds youthfulness and vibrance to the face. On the other hand, sparse arches can make it seem like your brows are thinning out due to age.

THE FIX: Fill in the natural shape of your brows with an eyebrow pencil, brow-cara, or gel—your call! The idea is to darken sparse areas and thicken up their look. By creating the illusion of denser strands, you pretty much give yourself a face lift.

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Applying very dark, thick eyeliner to the lower lash line makes your eyes appear smaller and also emphasizes dark circles. The same goes for over-applying mascara on your lower lashes. While we’d love to rock that Twiggy look, it’s definitely not for everyone.

THE FIX: When it comes to dark makeup, try to stick to the upper lids. For eyeliner, apply it as close to the lashes as possible and draw it thicker towards the outer corners. Then, coat your lashes with a curling mascara. Together, this creates a brightening effect that opens up the eyes. Instant face-lift!

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