If there’s a makeup product most of us consider indispensable, it’s lipstick. Just one swipe and voilà—instant glam. But you’d be shocked at how many mishaps can occur in the course of application. Lipstick smears outside the lines, smudges on your teeth, and so much more! So, to help you keep your lipstick game on point, here are 5 lipstick mistakes we all make—and how to solve them!


What you do before applying lipstick (especially matte lipstick) can make or break the final look. Chapped lips are a recipe for disaster, regardless of your lipstick’s formula. In short, you’ve got to prepare for every coat of color!

THE FIX: Prep your lips with an exfoliating scrub followed by a moisturizing balm. Used in tandem, these products remove flaky skin and relieve dryness. The result is a smooth, even canvas and comfy color application.

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At best, your lipstick will have faded completely (but evenly) by midday. At worst, it’ll leave behind an awkward ring on the edges of your lips. Neither scenario is a flattering one.

THE FIX: Instead of one thick coat, apply a few thin layers of lipstick. After the first layer, blot your lips with tissue paper. Repeat this two to three more times until you achieve your desired color intensity. This yields bolder color payoff and longer wear.


You can apply lipstick without lip liner, but it will affect how long your color lasts. Plus, your statement lip will be more susceptible to that sad outer rim of left-behind pigment.

THE FIX: First, fill in your lips with a lip liner as a base. Then, apply your lipstick on top. For best results, use a lip liner that’s as close to your lipstick color as possible.

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Applying way too much lipstick can lead to embarrassing results—like getting color all over your teeth. Yikes!

THE FIX: After applying your lipstick, insert the tip of a moist cotton swab into your mouth. Then, with your mouth still closed, pull it out. Any excess lipstick will end up on the swab, rather than on your teeth. You can also do the same trick with your index finger (clean, of course).


It’s always sad when you painstakingly apply your signature shade only to have it fade soon after. Blotting your lips is one way to set your lipstick, but keeping it totally kiss-proof takes extra effort.

THE FIX: Much like setting the rest of your makeup, adding translucent powder prevents pigment from transferring. Just hold a single ply of tissue over your lips, then use a makeup brush to dust the powder on top.

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