Every girl takes great pride in her crowning glory. Good hair is the cherry on top of any look—so naturally, it’s prone to a lot of primping. But seemingly harmless habits are seriously detrimental to our strands! You might not know it, but your hair’s worst enemy could be you.

Below, we list 5 common mane mistakes that occur on a daily basis. Now is as good a time as any to turn over a new leaf!


Most people just grab a brush and drag it through tangled hair in hopes of smoothing it out. This only results in irreversible damage. It’s especially worrying when done to wet hair, which is more prone to fallout and breakage.

THE FIX: First, switch out your regular brush for a wide-tooth comb, which is gentler but just as effective. Then, apply a detangling product to your hair before you brush it. This will reduce friction when you comb through those knots. Final tip: as much as possible, wait until your hair is dry before you brush it!

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Although ponytails and topknots are a quick fix for busy days, they’re actually hard on the hair. This is because most elastics (AKA pantali) pull your hair and cause instant breakage. The result: frizz and flyaways that cannot be controlled.

THE FIX: Try to keep your style as loose as possible, and never use accessories on wet hair. This will stop your healthy strands from snapping off and turning into messy fluff. Can’t survive with your hair down? Gotcha—just switch out your regular rubber elastic for a cloth hairband.


Flat irons, curling wands, and even blowdryers are the common culprits behind split ends. As they transform your locks, these heated instruments suck out much-needed moisture from hair fibers. Over time, they cause strong, thick strands to turn thin and brittle.

THE FIX: Before you iron or blow out your hair, always prime it for the heat with a protective serum. Also, do take breaks from your tools once or twice a week. This gives your hair ample time to recover between sessions.
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You probably towel-dry your hair the same way you’d scrub the floor—with great force. But just so you know, most terrycloth towels are too abrasive for your locks! The fiber-to-fiber friction roughs up hair cuticles and leaves you all tangled and frizzy.

THE FIX: Instead of a towel, use an old, soft cotton shirt. Worn-out cotton is less abrasive than terrycloth, so it minimizes friction. Then, instead of rubbing your hair to dry it, do the squeeze-and-pat. Scrunch up your hair inside the shirt, squish it dry, and blot out any excess moisture on the surface. This gentle squeezing technique takes longer, but it’s much less damaging on the hair shaft.


Now, you don’t have to shampoo your hair every day—but not washing it enough is a big mistake! Not only does it leave you with a greasy ‘do, under-washing also leads to bacteria buildup, dandruff, and shedding. Noooo…

THE FIX: Listen to your hair. Dry, fluffy strands suggest too much washing is going on. But if your situation is oily, itchy, and heavy, there’s probably a whole lot of dirt in your hair. Wash your hair as often as necessary with a mild shampoo. Harsh products will strip away the natural oils you need, while gentle ones achieve both hygiene and hydration.

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Soon enough, you’ll have the commercial-worthy mane of your wildest fantasies!

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