Even if you use foundation every day, this seemingly basic product is probably the trickiest to apply. One day it’s flawless; the next, it’s a hot cakey mess. What gives? Well, truth is, applying foundation requires absolute finesse. Are you doing it right? Let our list of 5 common mistakes act as your check-and-balance!


Yes, it’s easy to apply foundation with your fingers, but they can leave behind a streaky mess. Plus, they retain bacteria you definitely don’t want to be spreading over your face—especially if you’re acne-prone.

THE FIX: The right tools make a world of difference. For a seamless blend, use a brush or makeup sponge. These will buff the product into your skin and impart a smooth, natural finish.

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Piling on too much product only results in pilling and caking. This accentuates your flaws and ages your face—the opposite of what foundation is meant to do.

THE FIX: Only apply foundation where you actually need it. Think: the redness around your nose, dark spots, and under-eye circles. Instead of masking your skin, cover only what needs to be covered. Then, let your natural complexion shine through!


When you apply concealer before your base, you’ll end up rubbing all that carefully-laid coverage off. Waste of time and waste of product!

THE FIX: The purpose of concealer is to spot-correct what your foundation cannot. With this in mind, apply concealer after foundation for flawless-looking skin.


Folks with oily or combination skin tend to remedy shine by covering it with powder. This is fine—as long as you’re not doing it over, and over, and over again. Why? Over-powdering will cake up your foundation and even clog your pores.

THE FIX: Use oil-blotting sheets before you touch-up. These secret weapons absorb extra sebum that might mix in with your powder and cake it up! Or, just use a mattifying mist to set and refresh your face.

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Dry skin faces a different issue altogether: flakiness. Foundation (or any other product, for that matter) will accentuate dry patches unless you prep the skin first!

THE FIX: Make sure to moisturize generously before applying your base makeup. This keeps your skin hydrated under foundation and creates a second-skin finish.

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