With all the brow knowledge available on the Web right now, is it safe to assume no one’s getting it wrong? Sadly, no. Our kilay-less past might long be over, but we could still be making mistakes today—some of which we might not even be aware of! Below, we list 5 common brow boo-boos even we are guilty of at times. Are you? (Don’t worry, we’ll tell you how to fix ‘em, too.)


When it comes to shade-matching your brows, finding a happy medium is the trickiest part. Go too dark and your brows will look unnatural and inky. But go too light and there will be no effect whatsoever.
THE FIX: Choose a shade one to two shades lighter than your natural brow hairs. Not only will you get natural-looking results, your eyes will pop, too!

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We like the fact that grown-out brows are in this season (less visits to the brow salon, you know?). Still, that doesn’t mean they should be grown out wild. If you have thick brows, you risk looking unkempt; if you have sparse brows, the over-growth could soften your features and even make you look tired.
THE FIX: Whether or not they’ve been threaded to perfection, just fill in your brows. Trace out the main shape with a pencil, then shade it in and blend. Look how Anne Curtis does it.

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Now, filling in your brows too much is also a big boo-boo. Some folks tend to draw the darkest, most tattoo-like versions of their real brows when in pursuit of a bolder pair. But keep in mind that your arches should complement your natural features, not detract from them.
THE FIX: Instead of drawing long, harsh, horizontal lines, use short, light, upward strokes. This technique mimics the texture of your natural strands and also blends out more easily. Alternatively, you could use a brow mascara—the tint will cling to each hair and stain the skin for a softer look.

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You’d think the best place to start anything is, well, the start. But this doesn’t necessarily apply to brow definition. If you start color application from the inner edge moving out, you’ll end up with a pair that looks squarish and Sharpied on.
THE FIX: Start color application in the middle of your brows, where the hair is usually the fullest. Work your way towards the tail—the color there should be the most intense—then blend. As your final step, add a few fine flicks to the start of your brow. This will result in a gradient effect that mirrors natural density.

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Just like the rest of your makeup, your brows need to be set. It would be a waste to spend all that time on them only for your handiwork to come off an hour later. Also, brow hairs that are set in the same direction always look more polished.
THE FIX: After shaping, shading, and blending out your brows, coat them gently with a clear brow gel. This will give you hold and texture and prevent any smearing especially when it’s hot out.

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