As one of the most transformative items in our makeup bag, blush can instantly refresh, refine, and bring life to lackluster pelts—that is, if you know what you’re doing. You’d be surprised what common mistakes even the most seasoned beauty junkie can make. Not only does this undo all your hard work, but it puts a major damper on your entire look. Our advice? Check yourself before you wreck yourself! 5 of the most widespread blush mistakes, below.


If using blush awakens the face, over-application has the opposite effect. Instead of brightening your features, you end up with a blotchy, unnatural flush.

THE FIX: Stay light on your hands and use small strokes. If you need a little extra color, simply build it up with more layers until you get the desired effect. Oh, and don’t forget to tap excess pigment off your brush before applying!


In this weather, primer is a non-negotiable if you want to keep your makeup intact past noon. Skip it and you risk your blush fading the second humidity hits your skin! Remember, we’re going for seamless glow, not hot mess.

THE FIX: To prevent your blush from slipping and sliding, always prep your skin with a primer. Preferably a mattifying one! This smoothes out imperfections and extends the longevity of your blush, even in the heat.

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The way you apply blush should always depend on the shape of your face and unique bone structure. When used correctly, blush brings dimension to your features. But sweep it over the wrong areas, and you’ll end up with an unflattering wash of color.

THE FIX: It’s simple: learn your face shape! Here’s a visual guide to simplify the math. Once you’ve figured that out, peep our 101 on exactly where to apply blush depending on your features.


Use the wrong type of brush is like trying to apply lipgloss with a mascara wand—you end up with product in all the wrong places. Sometimes, good makeup application depends more on the tools and less on your face-painting skills.

THE FIX: Invest in a good blush brush—one that’s not too dense, slightly angled, and silky-soft. This helps disperse color more evenly, creating a seamless finish instead of harsh Raggedy Ann-like circles.

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Using a makeup brush is one way to flush, but why not widen your horizons? Different blush formats require different tools. A cream blush, for example, looks gorgeous applied with a sponge, while a tint applies better with your fingers. It’s just a matter of knowing what to use and when to use ‘em.

THE FIX: For non-powder products, simply use your fingers or a sponge to apply. Start from the apples of your cheeks and blend outwards with gradually bigger, circular motions. If you still want to soften the color afterward, that’s when a clean makeup brush can come into play.

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