Aging is a fact of life. But looking your age is a choice. Whether you’re 17 or 70, proper skincare will always spell the difference between premature lines and an ageless face. And the first order of business is knowing what not to do. So, before you even consider Botox, make sure you’re not committing these 5 anti-aging mistakes!


That squeaky-clean feeling may be addictive, but cleansing too often only stresses out your skin. It strips away your natural oils and depletes your moisture levels. Over-cleansing is especially damaging for mature skin, since it’s more prone to dryness than any other skin type.

THE FIX: Use a low pH, gel-based wash. These gentle formulas offer the same thorough cleansing power without stripping your skin dry. Also, unless you have super oily skin, skip cleanser altogether in the morning. A water rinse is enough to flush out any oil or residue that may have accumulated during sleep.

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SPF is the first and most effective defense against aging. Without it, your skin is vulnerable to damaging UV rays. These rays break down collagen, trigger hyper-pigmentation, and speed up the formation of wrinkles. If that’s not terrifying, then we don’t know what is!

THE FIX: Apply sunscreen on exposed skin every morning—even if you spend all day indoors. Be sure to choose a broad-spectrum formula with and SPF of 30 or higher. Anything less won’t protect you from the Philippine sun!

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We know what you’re thinking and the answer is no, you can’t just use moisturizer in lieu of eye cream. Why? Because the skin around your eyes is infinitely more delicate than the rest of your face. It’s prone to fine lines, dryness, and sagging, and therefore requires special treatment.

THE FIX: Apply eye cream every morning and evening, without fail. Tap the product into your skin using your ring finger. Since this finger is the weakest one on your hand, it won’t tug and stretch your skin. Also, when choosing a formula, look for potent anti-aging ingredients like snail mucin, peptides, Q10, and Vitamin E. With consistent use, a great eye cream will strengthen your skin’s elasticity and prevent crows’ feet.

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Rubbing product into your skin might seem like the best way to go, but it’s actually the exact opposite. The pressure and friction will only wipe off product, weaken elasticity, and eventually cause wrinkles. In the long run, this only leads to irreversible damage.

THE FIX: To spread any type of cream or liquid on your face, use very light, upward motions. You should barely be applying any pressure—you just want to ensure your skin is evenly coated. Then, pat in the product using the flats of your palms. This boosts absorption by “pushing” the product into your skin instead of dragging it across the surface.


Wrinkles and sagging occur faster on certain parts of your body—particularly the under-eyes, neck, and chest. Unfortunately, the latter two are commonly neglected. So, while you’re diligently caring for your face, everything below your jaw is aging away.

THE FIX: Skincare should extend all the way down to your chest. Anything you put on your face should also be applied over your neck, chest, and even your shoulders! For extra protection, use a denser cream, butter, or oil on your décolletage to keep it soft and supple. Since the skin on your body is thicker than your face, it too requires thicker formulas to maintain moisture.

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