Heat-styling is a no-go for many of us. Unless it’s done with expert hands, you often just end up with frizzy, fried strands. But then, we realized the real problem. It wasn’t us, it was our tools. The wrong styler can damage your hair immediately upon contact. Which brings us to our latest mane obsessions! Once these 4 anti-frizz stylers came into our lives, well, let’s just say bad hair days practically became non-existent.

Scroll on to see which Herstyler fave is right for you!

1. Herstyler 1” Tourmaline Flat Iron, now on sale at P4,600 (limited time only) BEST FOR: Quick, on-the-go styling.

This fast-heating iron is basically the traveler’s best friend. Featuring narrow 1-inch titanium plates, it actually works as both a hair straightener and as a curling iron. Now, you may have to watch a few YouTube tutorials to use it as the latter. But once you get the hang of it, this tourmaline-infused tool gives you every kind of style minus the damage. Oh, and it comes with a universal voltage, too!

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2. Herstyler Grande Curls Hair Curler, now on sale P2,990 (limited time only) BEST FOR: Creating loose, bombshell waves.

Want those Victoria’s Secret waves without risking major hair fall? This lightweight curler is exactly what you’re looking for. Made with a thick tapered barrel and ceramic technology, it eliminates frizz while giving you big glossy curls. Plus, it heats up to the ideal temperature in just under 60 seconds. Goodbye, manic mornings!

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3. Herstyler Colorful Seasons Straightener, now on sale at P2,500 (limited time only) BEST FOR: Straightening hair without frizz.

For sleek, straight hair, this colorful flat iron is your best bet. Its 100% ceramic plates won’t pull at your strands, so you get extra smooth and silky hair. Not only that, but it generates energy in just under 25 seconds. It basically has everything you could want in a flat iron: ultra-light feel, fast heating, and easy grip. Did we mention it comes in 5 candy colors, too?

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4. Herstyler Baby Curls, now on sale at P1,990 (limited time only) 

BEST FOR: Curling short hair styles.

While any tool may be easy to use on long hair, short hair is a little trickier to style. That’s why this baby curler was invented! While it can’t create big, beach-babe curls, its super slim barrel easily manipulates short or fine hair and creates tighter coils. Besides that, it also produces negative ions that seal your hair cuticles. That means no frizz and no pesky flyaways!

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Which heat-styling hero will you be adding to your vanity?

Video and photos by Kat Austria. Don’t forget to follow BeautyMNL on Facebook and Instagram!

“Shine” by Joakim Karud

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