If discolored underarms and ashy elbows and knees have you shying away from sleeveless frocks, don’t fret! What you need is a brightening exfoliator. These scrubs, peels, and creams help improve your problem areas by dissolving dark pigments on the surface of the skin. Also, they’ll leave you looking smooth all over. Try these!


TRY: Skin Genie Pit Perfect Scrub, P200
This scrub uses apricot kernels, apple cider vinegar, and papaya to brighten “tanned” pits. As long as you use it with regularity, it also improves the texture and appearance of chicken skin. An added bonus: this scrub has next to no scent, so it won’t muddle your deodorant’s.

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TRY: Morrison Elbow & Knee Collagen Whitening Lotion, P249
Technically, this is more lotion than it is exfoliator, but it does have a micro-peeling action on skin. This hydrating cream is made with Microwhyte Moisture Technology that lightens the coarse, pigmented pelt on your elbows and knees.

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TRY: V&M Naturals Exfobomb, P395
During bathing suit season, bumps and discoloration along your bikini line can easily be seen. This moisturizing salve gently dissolves the dead skin cells that cause ingrown hairs. At the same time, it also helps brighten the surrounding area, so you can glow all over.

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TRY: Mizon Vita Lemon Sparking Peeling Gel, P675
Some may find the word “peel” intimidating, but this exfoliator is nothing to be scared of. The lemon-based blend encourages cell turnover and collagen production while it buffs your face. Say bye-bye to acne marks and hello to no-makeup selfies!

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