Listen, we’re pretty big fans of Glossier around here. With their fun and functional approach to beauty, how could we not be? Whether it’s their everyday skincare essentials or their no-makeup makeup staples, Glossier knows how to take something basic and turn it into a timeless classic. One perfect example? Their universal cloud paints.
Sure, a cream blush might not seem in any way groundbreaking, but hear us out. This one comes in beautiful, sunset-like pigments, a sheer and seamless gel-cream formula, and an aesthetic tube packaging. Perfect for spreading on with your fingertips. Even better for those nitpicky about hygiene. Needless to say, these guys? Definitely worth the hype.

…Save for the fact that they don’t ship to the Philippines yet, of course. But not to worry, we’re patient! We’ll be here waiting! Though in the meantime, if you’re just as antsy as we are to get your cheeks on a similar cream blush, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to look for 4 dupes that can pass off as the real deal.

Swatching them alongside the original four shades—Glossier’s Cloud Paint in Puff, Beam, Haze, and Dusk—we’ve even rated each alternative to compare just how much of a match each one is. So now that that’s settled, let’s get to it!

If you want Glossier Cloud Paint in Puff…
TRY: K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Lasting Cheek Tint in #02 Coral Peach, P795 DUPE RATING: 4/5 HEARTS

Side-by-side, K-Palette’s Cheek Tint in #02 might not appear as an exact twin to Glossier’s Puff with its shimmery peach undertones, but in terms of formula and finish, it’s a close match. We’re talking a creamy pink base, lightweight feel, and buildable consistency that’ll leave you with a barely-there flush and a healthy glow. No stickiness, streaks, or harsh lines, whatsoever! Still, both have a tendency to wear off after a few hours, so it’s best to lock your look with a setting spray.

Shop it here.

If you want the Glossier Cloud Paint in Beam…
TRY: Banila Co. B. Cheer Water Cheek in PK02 Pink Chou Cream, P595 DUPE RATING: 3/5 HEARTS

Banila Co.’s rosy pink might throw you off, but give it a few seconds and it seamlessly blends to a rosy peach that can rival Glossier Beam’s coral glow. Besides that, both share a sheer finish that’ll keep your look as natural and subtle as you want. If anything, Banila Co.’s runs just a touch lighter than Glossier’s, but don’t worry, the watery formula is still easy to layer for noticeable color! They’re both non-sticky, too, so your cheeks are flushed with an almost invisible feel. Just make sure to retouch throughout the day, as the color tends to fade!

Shop it here.

If you want the Glossier Cloud Paint in Haze…
TRY: Vice Cosmetics Lip & Cheek Tint in F na F, now on sale at P130 (limited time only) DUPE RATING: 4.5/5 HEARTS

Can’t get your hands on Glossier’s Cloud Paint in Haze? Try Vice Cosmetics’ Lip & Cheek Tint in F na F. The gel-like, water-based tint might not be as creamy as the real thing, but the color pay-off is definitely a close fit. Both a cool, berry-like purple, Glossier’s Haze runs just a tad bit on the brighter side, but you’ll barely notice the difference. Also, both blend easily and seamlessly onto the skin, look natural on a variety of skin tones, and last for hours. Not bad for a dupe that goes for only P145!

Shop it here.

If you want the Glossier Cloud Paint in Dusk…
TRY: Beauty Bakery Baked Clay in Blushed, now on sale at P198 (limited time only) DUPE RATING: 3.5/5 HEARTS

It could be hard to find a shade that mimics the gorgeous nude brown from Glossier’s Cloud Paint in Dusk, but we think Beauty Bakery’s Baked Clay in Blushed has what it takes. Save for the red undertones, the Beauty Bakery blush stick has the same earthy nude with a creamy, clay base. It might not apply on as sheer as its Glossier counterpart, but the formula is blendable enough to get that natural flush. Plus, the shade’s versatile enough to wear on fair to morena skin tones. Snag this at only P220!

Shop it here.

What did you think about the results? Sound off in the comments, below!


Photos and video by Kathy Austria.

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