Though BeautyMNL is dressed in pretty pink hues, we’re far from being exclusive to Filipinas. Sure, our ladies will always be our top priority, but we also want to encourage any budding interest in beauty—and we think that’s for everyone.

Skincare, in particular, is the perfect entry point. Not everyone will want to get dolled up on the daily, but we all want a healthier complexion. Ladies, gents, and everyone in between could benefit from having a skin-boosting routine, and that’s what we’re here to help you figure out.
So, if you’re a dude who’s curious about skincare—don’t get discouraged by the stigma! If you think of it like basic hygiene, skipping the moisturizer is like skipping shampoo: not advisable in the long run. Still unsure? We talked to 3 guys from the BeautyMNL team to find out what they use in their routine. Press play for some inspo!


“I start my mornings by cleansing and moisturizing. I love aloe gel for that because my skin loves it, too, absorbing it really quickly. At night, I cleanse and tone with an exfoliating toner to get rid of the day’s dirt. After that, I seal everything in with a thick, creamy moisturizer that always gives me baby skin when I wake up.

On weekends, I apply an pore-clearing clay mask, which I find super relaxing. And when I wash it off, my skin feels smooth to the touch.”
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“In the morning, I use a non-stripping, charcoal foam cleanser. When I know I’ll be outdoors a lot, I always apply a moisturizer with SPF after. Before I head to bed, I wash again with an acne-banishing salicylic acid cleanser. I finish my simple routine off with aloe vera, which is my favorite way to cool and hydrate my skin.”
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“I do skincare thrice: first in the morning, then after my commute, then at night. I cleanse after commuting because my face feels really grimy after, and I’ve found that it really keeps breakouts at bay. I also make sure I wear sunscreen to protect myself from sun damage. Next, I apply powder so I don’t oil up throughout the day.

At night, I cleanse again, then tone with a lightweight witch hazel toner. For serums, I alternate between brightening Vitamin C and hydrating Snail Mucin, to maintain skin balance. I also use a really good moisturizer, which has helped improve my acne.”
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Are you a guy with a skincare routine? Share your tips in the comments!

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