Blackheads are probably some of the hardest blemishes to get rid of. They’re highly visible but rooted deep enough that you can’t reach them from the surface. So, how do you get rid of something you can’t even touch? Easy. Find products that do all the dirty work for you!

Allow anti-acne cult brand COSRX to help. Below are their top 3 blackhead-busting staples! We swear, your pores have met their match.

1. COSRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid, now on sale at P963 (limited time only)

WHAT IT DOES: Loosens impurities trapped inside your pores

A K-beauty cult-fave, this powerful essence is crucial in maintaining clear skin. It’s made with 4% BHA, natural BHA, and betain salicylate. These ingredients penetrate congested pores to get to the root of your blackheads. They work by loosening up the bonds that bind impurities together. As a result, any gunk trapped inside your pores is quickly dislodged. Simply pat the liquid over your spot-ridden nose and cheeks for a cleaner complexion in no time!

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2. COSRX Blackhead Silk Finger Balls, now on sale at P180 (limited time only)

WHAT THEY DO: Buff away buildup and bring blackheads to the surface

Get gentle physical exfoliation with these thimble-shaped finger pods. Made with 100% natural silk, each pod glides over your skin without rubbing or tugging it too aggressively. This process does two important things. First, it clears away stubborn sebum buildup, and second, it slowly pulls blackheads up to the surface for easier cleansing. With continued use, you get smooth skin texture and zero black spots.

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3. COSRX BHA Blackhead Power Cream, now on sale at P990 (limited time only)

WHAT IT DOES: Dissolves deep-seated dirt overnight

Used as the last step in your routine, this overnight cream packs a powerful punch. It kills surface bacteria with 7% natural AHA content. This prevents impurities from settling into your vulnerable pores. So, not only does it remove blackheads, it also keeps future pimples at bay! According to one 5-star review, this tube “removes blackheads and closes pores” after just 1 week of use. Sold!

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Now you can say goodbye to those pesky polka-dots for good!

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