Thanks to over-lining à la Kylie Jenner, lip liner has experienced a second coming. But we like to think of it as a staple, even without the celebrity hoopla. Our current favorite is by a local brand—and it costs less than your morning Starbucks. Ladies, pucker up to DETAIL’s Lippie Liners, which are good enough to replace regular lipstick!
The Lippie Liners work just like luxury pencils for over-lining and contouring. They have a soft, malleable texture and give you precise application. You can craft your perfect lip shape without encountering any bumps along the way. But unlike other lip liners, this pencil toes the line between lipstick and lip tint. Shade in your lips and you get a rich, matte finish; let the color wear off, and you’re left with a pretty stain.
Now let’s talk about your options. There are currently 17 shades of Lippie Liners, all available on BeautyMNL. Every shade is named after a boy, which is utterly charming in that Tom Ford kind of way. And at only P99 a pop, you won’t have to commit to just one (if you know what we mean). See the full lineup below!


Dani in 01 Eli
THE COLOR: A toasty cinnamon brown.
Breann in 03 Ethan
THE COLOR: A warm golden-beige.
Max in 04 Jacob
THE COLOR: A pale rosy-nude.
Den in 05 William
THE COLOR: A soft, fleshy pink.
Leandra in 06 Daryl
THE COLOR: A plain-and-simple MLBB.
Breann in 07 Elvis
THE COLOR: A milky coral.
Johnna in 08 Kael
THE COLOR: A vibrant berry pink.
Leandra in 09 Ralph
THE COLOR: A muted mauvey-rose.
Den in 10 Tristan
THE COLOR: A show-stopping magenta.
Max in 11 Zach
THE COLOR: A deep and daring fuchsia.
Dani in 12 Zander
THE COLOR: A lively pink.
Breann in 14 Ryan
THE COLOR: A spunky violet.
Den in 15 Regie
THE COLOR: A rich burgundy.
Johnna in 16 Marlon
THE COLOR: A deepened dusty mauve.
Leandra in 17 Kevin
THE COLOR: A soft rose-red.
Max in 18 Richard
THE COLOR: A decadent ’90s brown.
Johnna in 19 Matteo
THE COLOR: A subtle yet sexy brick.

So, which one’s your new crush?

The DETAIL Lippie Liners are available on BeautyMNL for P99 each. Shop them right here!

Credits: Video and photos by Kat Echon. Don’t forget to follow BeautyMNL on Facebook and Instagram!

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