I have to be honest with you: for a while there, I lost my faith in facials. I have facial brush machines and quite a few excellent exfoliators so I felt that having a facial professionally done was unnecessary. After all, what are facials but a way to methodically and thoroughly exfoliate the skin?

However, I recently visited Vietura, an aesthetic center located in Sofitel Manila, and it’s safe to say that I’ve been schooled.
Vietura offers “holistic aesthetic solutions,” which basically means that it’s a head-to-toe treatment institute with services tailored to fit your needs. You can go for body contouring, cellulite/stretch mark/varicose vein removals, laser hair elimination treatments, and eyebag reduction treatments, just to name a few! And get this: if you can’t choose one treatment, there are “beauty staycations” that you can also avail of for the full experience.

In other words, you could pretty much call this place an oasis of beauty.
Before I get into my experience, we first have to talk about the beautiful interiors of the center itself. Vietura is located in Manila’s only luxury resort hotel, so obviously no expense was spared in designing the center’s reception, lounge, and treatment rooms. It looks deceptively small from the outside when you see the sign, but inside it’s a warren of rooms spacious enough to accommodate multiple patients. Each room features a wall of greenery and a small stone garden, if you will, at the foot of it, so just being inside makes you feel like you’re in the lap of luxury. It’s tasteful and never overdone, exactly what you would expect from such a premium location.
I got to try the Facial Skin Spa, a 45-minute treatment that promises to rejuvenate and clarify the face. The treatment started out with a face massage that rid my skin of deep-seated impurities. This was followed by a steaming session that supposedly to opened up the pores and softened the skin surface even more.

My spa attendant then proceeded to thoroughly yet gently remove all my blackheads and whiteheads. It wasn’t a pretty sight when she showed me her handiwork, but my skin hasn’t been that clean in ages! I didn’t know that there was so much gunk—for lack of a better word—just sitting inside my pores. I’ve been religious about cleansing, to my knowledge, but apparently, not as meticulous as the professionals like those at Vietura can be!
After the pricking, the attendant applied a cooling, soothing mask and left me to nap for a bit. When she removed the mask, it yielded a brighter, clearer complexion. My skin was so soft and nice after the facial! I’m so glad I went to to Vietura.
If you’re looking to have a luxurious beauty experience, then you must visit the center as well. Keep checking Deal Grocer’s Beauty Category for unbeatable deals, and you just might score your dream staycation-cum-beautification!

Facial Skin Spa, P3,675

Address: Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila, Barangay 1, CCP Complex Roxas Boulevard, Pasay, Manila, Metro Manila, 1099
Phone: (632) 551-5555 ext. 5000 and 5098
Operating Hours: Monday to Saturday (9:00AM to 10:00PM), Sunday (9:00AM to 7:00PM)
Website: Vietura.com

Photos by Liz Lanuzo