Great-looking makeup should start with the perfect base. Watch how I build mine, starting from a bare face, all the way to full foundation!

Here are the products I used:


STEP 1: As you’ve heard me say time and time again, never forget to apply your primer before anything else. This prepares your skin for the application of foundation. Primers help pave the texture of your skin by filling in your pores so they look invisible. They also get rid of oil and shine, so your complexion appears matte and fresh. Most importantly, makeup adheres to primer (so primer is sort of like a “glue,” in a way), making it stay on all day with minimal retouching. Try mine: Y.E.T. Fill It Up Primer.

STEP 2: Now we’re moving on to foundation! It’s best to select a product that has a skin-like finish. My current favorite is Maybelline Dream Satin Skin Foundation. The shade I use is B3. I love how it feels and the way it looks very natural. This gives the right amount of coverage that I need.
STEP 3: To conceal any dark circles or acne marks, pick your color-corrector product wisely. Concealers deliver higher coverage that foundations, enabling them to erase those imperfections! Try mine: Lioele Perfect Jumbo Concealer. Oh, and remember to blend—that’s the most important thing.

STEP 4: Finally, apply a setting powder over your handiwork to seal everything in place. I’ve gotten my hands on the ultimate loose powder—namely, Laura Mercier’s. Keep in mind that you must press the powder onto your face and not swipe it around, since you want to prevent moving your perfect base. Press lightly, of course.

Check out the before and after!
Now, once all areas of your face feel smooth and look matte, you’re ready to apply blush, eye makeup, and lip color! Have a blast testing out this tutorial, girls, and remember, it’s all about that base.

Photos by Say Artillero