We’re guessing you have two questions at this very moment. First, what on earth is blur cream? And second, will it in fact blur your face?
A little backgrounder: we just got our hands on a bottle of Banila Co.’s Prime Primer Blur, and our interest was instantly piqued. The mere mention of “blur cream” drew wide-eyed curiosity and befuddled stares from our officemates at BeautyMNL. So we thought, hey, what better way to introduce this all-star product than have beauty n00bs try it out for themselves? Naturally, we caught everything on camera. Watch!

Didn’t quite catch the magic on video? Here’s a closer look!
The lowdown: Banila Co.’s Prime Primer Blur is a blur cream/makeup primer hybrid that can be worn alone or underneath foundation. It brings a soft-focus effect to large pores, redness, and dark spots, thus “blurring” these imperfections. Get it? Got it? Good! To shop the product or read more about it, click here.

Credits: Video by Danielle Calma and Erika Gue. Special thanks to Carl, Bryce, Mara, Kim, and Karen. Don’t forget to follow BeautyMNL on Facebook and Instagram!

Kevin MacLeod (Incompetech.com)
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