If unsightly underarms are your secret shame, don’t worry: tons of people can totally relate. So much so that the beauty and skincare industry is constantly churning out products to help you achieve the armpits of your dreams.

At BeautyMNL, we’re always happy to help. So if it’s pit-perfectors you’re looking for, then we’ll give you 30+ of them on sale right here, right now, from July 9-11, 2018. Participating brands include quite a few local faves, from Leiania House of Beauty to VMV Hypoallergenics. Below, we round up just 12 products from this exclusive sale selection, with some of ‘em going all the way up to 59% OFF. Don’t miss out!

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1. Prettify Skin Lightening Gel, now on sale at P233 (limited time only) This paraben-free gel contains potent whitening ingredients that minimizes discoloration to give you bright and even skin all over.

2. Leiania House of Beauty White Healthy Pit Roll-On, now on sale at P100 (limited time only) A whitening deo and antiperspirant in one, this 100% certified organic roll-on is lightens your underarm skin while keeping the area odor-free.

3. Pro Studio Beauty Exclusives Eyebrow Tweezer, now on sale at P149 (limited time only) A slant tweezer that allows you to remove every stray strand of hair with precision, for smooth, hairless pits that don’t sting at all.

4. Bioaqua Pink Cherry Lightening Cream, now on sale at P289 (limited time only) Infused with oshima cherry extracts, this gentle cream lightens, moisturizes and imparts a glow on sensitive areas that need a quick refresher.

5. Skin Revolution Glutathione Beauty Soap, now on sale at P105 (limited time only) Formulated with glutathione, this soap lightens pigmented skin to help you achieve an even and scar-free complexion.

6. Strip It Hair Removal Sugaring Medium Kit (200g), now on sale at P159 (limited time only) This all-natural kit contains hypoallergenic, water-soluble sugaring wax that allows for a fuss-free waxing experience. Not only does it remove unwanted hair, it also lightens and exfoliates the skin underneath.

7. VMV Hypoallergenics Brightening Antiperspirant, now on sale at P1,035 (limited time only) An antiperspirant that keeps your pits dry all day while lightening and soothing them in the process, perfect for those who sweat excessively or want to manage hyperpigmentation.

8. Pili Crystal Deodorant (80g), now on sale at P224 (limited time only) The antioxidant and antibacterial organic pili oil in this deo fights odor-causing bacteria and prevents underarm skin from darkening.

9. Dove Deodorant Spray Ultimate White (70ml), now on sale at P104 (limited time only) This convenient deo spray contains nourishing omega 6 that restores skin and lightens dark spots while managing your sweat and odor.

10. Zenutrients Whitening Underarm Cream, now on sale at P216 (limited time only) Specially formulated to help with delicate skin, this nutrient-rich cream is packed with brightening papaya to transform your underarms.

11. Angel Skin Lightening Bar with Glutathione & Gigawhite, B1T1 for P140 A beauty bar formulated with glutathione and gigawhite that effectively brightens, moisturizes, and cleanses dull skin to restore its natural radiance.

12. Skin Genie Pit Perfect Cream, B1T1 for P200 A major customer fave, this award-winning cream lightens and brightens skin, combatting dark spots and other underarm issues.

Happy shopping, beauties!

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