When trying to get healthier, one thing you have to do is empty your pantry of the staples that aren’t doing you any good. We know, we know: it’s hard to break the cycle when bad-for-you foods are so yummy and you don’t know if anything can ever top ‘em. Also, is it even possible to eat clean without making your bank account cry?

Well, yes, and we’ve got the budget-friendly grocery list to prove it. These 7 swaps are so tasty, you won’t feel like you gave anything up at all. Before long, you’ll be stocking up like they’ve always been your go-to’s!


TRY: 7Grains Company Organic Edamame Protein Pasta, P160 Refined pasta noodles tend to be stripped of all the beneficial nutrients of wheat. Translation: what they give you is plenty of blood sugar-spiking carbs, and none of the digestion-assisting fiber. So if you wanna swerve the sluggishness and bloating that come with that, pick up a box of edamame pasta instead. They’re protein-packed, perpetually al dente, and absorb sauces so well, you’d hardly miss your (old) favorite.

Instead of WHITE SUGAR
TRY: Natvia Organics Stevia 40 Stick Pack (2g), P207 Before you reach for a spoonful of refined sugar to finish off your perfect cuppa, consider a shot of stevia instead. You only need a little bit to give your sweet tooth what it craves, and you wouldn’t be able to taste the difference. Plus, it’s a natural, zero-calorie sweetener that won’t raise your blood sugar, so it’s diabetic-safe—something the tooth-rotting white stuff can’t say for itself.

Instead of TABLE SALT
TRY: Healthy Munch Himalayan Salt (Fine), P125 We love table salt for the flavor boost it gives our food, but too much of the sodium-rich staple spells trouble for our blood pressure. Keep your body balanced by upgrading to Himalayan pink salt. Not only is it a picture-perfect hue, it also retains all the potassium and other minerals that should come with raw salt before it’s so heavily processed.

TRY: True Lemon (12 packets), P160 Liquid sugar is terrible for our appetite, making us feel hungrier than we really are. Hence, overeating when we pair our meals with a sugary drink. Now, if you want to quit guzzling sugar but plain water is just too bland for your palate, crystallized lemon will prove a godsend. With some ice and a bit of honey, you can transform a packet into the lemonade of your dreams. So good, you’ll swear it’s freshly squeezed!

Instead of DAIRY MILK
TRY: Almond Breeze Original (180ml), P40 Beyond insulin-spiking lactose and its effects on our hormones, cow’s milk is also a no-go for people with intolerances, allergies, and other dietary restrictions. Thankfully, plant-based milk alternatives won’t let you suffer in silence! Almond milk is an easy way to get your daily dose of healthy fats, and it’s also a lot lighter on calories.

TRY: Take Root Kale Chips, P220 We’ll admit that potato chips are addictively crunchy and savory. But surprise, surprise: they’re entirely devoid of nutritional value. Habitual munching isn’t the easiest thing to quit, so we suggest switching to nutrient-dense kale chips and other veggie variations instead. They’re seriously all that and a bag of chips.

TRY: Natural Health Cacao Nibs (Coated), P195 Lucky for chocoholics everywhere, cacao—A.K.A. the thing that makes chocolate so uniquely its dark, delicious self—is actually good for you. After all, it’s filled with powerful antioxidants that aid in blood flow and prevent free radical damage. So forget all the trimmings and go raw! With a light dusting of low-glycemic coconut sugar, cacao nibs will make you wonder why you ever bothered with chocolate chips.

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