Some people swear Pedialyte is the perfect hangover cure, while others insist on stuffing themselves with fast food before going to bed drunk. Unfortunately, scientists believe there is no one way to “cure” a hangover—which is probably why most of us are still in pain the morning after.

Still, we’re always looking for new ways to make our hangovers less…painful. And, trust us, we’re willing to try just about everything, including activated charcoal. Yep, it’s that same black stuff that people use to whiten their teeth and get rid of nasty pimples. But supposedly, when it’s ingested, it filters out the toxins in your body, soaks up excess booze, and as a result, mitigates your hangover. And we’re not just making things up, a scientific study actually proves it!

So, we put it to the test. Two girls from the BeautyMNL team volunteered as tribute and tried to “cure” their hangovers with activated charcoal. Nisee chose to ingest the Philippine Pure Activated Charcoal Pills, and Bea the Go Black Activated Charcoal Powder. Their verdict, below!


NISEE: “I I never associated charcoal with curing a hangover. Surprisingly, I didn’t wake up with a hangover. It was as if I never drank! When I know I’m about to have a night out, I can just pop a pill and wake up as though nothing ever happened.”

BEA: “At first, I was unsure what it would be like. But, I woke up feeling great! I got up early and was even able to work out. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to wake up as if walang nangyari the night before.”

So, would you try activated charcoal to prevent a hangover? Sound off in the comments section!

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