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First things, first: pit pigmentation is completely normal, and not a big deal. That being said, if you have dark underarms and they make you self-conscious, we totally feel you! We’ve tried all the DIY home remedies out there to get our ashy armpit-skin to match the rest of our bodies. And you know what we’ve found? Nothing compares to the instant results you can get at a skin clinic. They don’t have to come at that much of a cost, either!

To prove it, we’re sharing with you our very first experience with professional pit-whitening at Excelsior in San Juan. Here’s exactly what happened on the day we availed of a “3-in-1” underarm whitening Package—a super sulit BeautyMNL exclusive at only P450. Results below!



Underarm Whitening Package, P450
Once we traded in our tops for towels, we were led to our treatment beds in a private room. Our therapist prepped our underarms by gently cleansing them with soap and a sponge. This would wipe away any deodorant, dirt, and oil buildup and leave behind a clean canvas. If you’re ticklish, consider this fair warning.
Right after, a dollop of glutathione scrub was smoothed all over our pits. The scrub had tiny grains in it, which we were told would buff away all the dirt and dead skin cells that darken the skin. This step was surprisingly the quickest but the most relaxing. We were warned that too much exfoliation can cause even more darkening (yikes!), which is why the therapist didn’t spend a lot of time on this.
Before we knew it, it was time for the diamond peel. Honestly, it felt more like gentle suction than a diamond-tipped handpiece rubbing off the top layer of our armpit skin. Just imagine a tiny vacuum on the lowest setting moving back and forth over your pits.
The final step was a whitening mask. This green goop was brushed all over our pits, covering them evenly from corner to corner. It had a distinct minty-fresh feeling in the first few seconds after application. Again, if you’re ticklish, be prepared!
We got in a little snooze time while waiting for the mask to harden for 20 minutes. Admittedly, our arms were starting to numb by the time the therapist returned for the final cleansing. She wiped away every last bit of the mask, so we could tell exactly just how effective the treatment was. See for yourself!
Even though it only took half an hour, the difference was a far cry from what we could’ve achieved with home remedies. We know it would take more sessions to perfectly even out our skin tone but for only P450, we definitely don’t have second thoughts about returning. To let the skin fully absorb the treatment, we were told to wait 3-4 hours before washing or applying anything. Easy peasy!


ANNICCA: “As a proud morena girl, I’ve always been bothered by the dark gray spots on my underarms. I just want my pits to match the rest of my tan! To make it worse, I’ve also spent years making things worse by tweezing and shaving before I discovered laser hair removal (call it my beauty enlightenment). Fortunately for me, this deal worked like magic. The color of my pits got closer to my natural skin tone and my chicken skin and dark, deep lines became less noticeable. On top of that, my pits felt as smooth as a baby’s butt. I was blown away by these instant results. Super sulit! Crossing my fingers that it lasts!”

KIMMY: “Though I don’t have textured underarm skin, I do have obvious darkness there due to my fair complexion. Let’s just say my pits are a stark contrast to the rest of my body. So, I was amazed by how the treatment cleared away the shadows in just one session! The pigmentation isn’t totally gone, but there was a big change (which is usually very hard for me to achieve). Special thanks to our therapist for letting me know that over-exfoliating causes darkening. This fact has changed my life forever. That used to be my go-to method of trying to brighten my pits—now I know better. And by that, I mean that this Excelsior deal is the way to go. I wonder how far it could take me with even more appointments?”

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ADDRESS: 2F Sekai Center, 368 Ortigas Ave., cor. Madison St., San Juan
LANDLINE: (02) 632 1511
MOBILE: (0925) 793 3474

Photos by Trish Rivera

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