Hey beauties! We’re Annicca and Kimmy, two broke girls who hold on to our coins tighter than Rose held on to Jack. But just because we’re on a budget doesn’t mean we can’t look good! In fact, it’s quite the opposite. On BeautyMNL, #sulit beauty services are a click away—you just have to find the one that’s right for YOU. Join us on our quest to try the most wanted makeovers in town—without breaking the proverbial piggy bank.
Is your crowning glory just begging for attention? Ours, too, unfortunately enough. Because real talk: when we’re saving up for a vacation or stretching our last few bucks ‘til the next payday, taking care of our hair falls to the bottom of our to-do lists. Touch-ups, treatments, and simple trims can cost a pretty penny—and when you’re broke, every penny counts.

So on the first installment of Two Broke Girls, we went scouting for hair deals: the kind that include a good cut and a softening treatment (because that’s what it’s come to, people). We found two such deals at Azta Urban Salon, each one available at a different budget-friendly price point. We’ll call Kimmy’s deal The Save (it was the affordable one) and Annicca’s deal The Splurge (it cost more, but you definitely got value for money). See our total hair transformations below!


THE DEAL: Argan Hair Masque Treatment + Stylish Cut and Blow-dry by a Senior Stylist, P500

I’ve always longed for more volume, but I can’t commit to styling my hair every single day. That’s why wash ‘n’ wear hair has been my go-to for years, even if that means settling for stick-straight strands. So, for my makeover, I asked my Azta stylist Ms. Roma for a cut with a little body that could hold up without products.
Ms. Roma really took that to heart. She even Googled pegs to match the hair I was trying (and failing) to describe. We finally decided on a razored bob. Even though it wasn’t a huge leap from my current lob, the underlying layers of this shorter, sharper cut would build in more volume for me. No extra boosting effort needed in the AM!

My makeover started with a shampoo—but not just any shampoo. I was fascinated when Ms. Roma started cleansing my hair with dry shampoo while I was in my chair. I didn’t even have to go to the sink.
Once that was over, Ms. Roma started on my cut. She’s such a pro, with a light, quick hand. I felt a few pounds lighter after my ends were clipped into jaunty bob.
Then, the Beauty Basics Argan Intensive Mask was applied all over my hair. If you read the full description of this Azta deal on BeautyMNL, the mask is described as “minty fresh”—and that’s not an exaggeration. They really do mean minty fresh AF. My scalp felt instantly cooler and more energized. Not even the hot blow-dry that followed could affect the fresh feeling!
Ready? Here’s my final look:
I was shocked by how awesome my hair looked after. I was a bit scared to go so short (and I honestly expected my hair to be shorter than what I wanted). But no, I loved it. It was soft, smooth, and chic. And best of all, with just one brush-back, my hair bounced. Look at that body! Can you believe this only cost me P500?!

THE DEAL: Matrix Color with Argan Hair Masque + Cut by Senior Stylist, P2,250

I like to get my hair dyed, and suffice it to say, it was long overdue for a touch-up. If you’re no stranger to switching your color, you know how pricey it is to keep that color fresh. But with this Azta deal, I got a cut, color, and mask for the price I would pay for a dye job alone. No lie!

Unlike Kimmy, I wasn’t exactly sure about the haircut I wanted. So like any indecisive girl, I put my fate in the hands of my senior stylist, Sir Melo. I told him I wanted to give my straight hair more character and movement, but I also wanted to retain the length. After a little back-and-forth, we decided that old-school Kim K. was the way to go. Think: short, face-framing layers in front with subtle layers in the back.
After my hair was washed with dry shampoo (a salon-first for me!), it was time for the color. According to my research, Azta delivers some of the best ombré, balayage, and chunky highlights in the city, so I knew I was in the perfect place. I chose mocha, a rich, velvety, café au lait brown that complemented my natural tan.
While I waited for the color to set, I was served a refreshing iced tea to sip on. Fancy.
Next came the argan masque, which was liberally applied all over my hair. I was looking forward to this part of the deal because my hair has been really lifeless and blah lately.
After they rinsed out the masque, Sir Melo started on my cut. It didn’t take long since we weren’t going short—just a little more sultry.
To finish my look, a stylist blow-dried my hair and set it in bombshell curls to give me that swishy movement I wanted. Look!
Like my hair? I loved it. I felt like a million bucks without actually having to spend a million bucks. (Please, I’m broke.) The mask really helped, because there was a noticeable softness, shine, and vibrancy in my locks that had been lacking in weeks. Also, even though my color change was subtle, it definitely woke up my face and made me look more sophisticated! Reminder: I got my hair cut, colored, and treated for less than P2,500. SO WORTH IT.
Both of these Azta deals are available on the BeautyMNL Makeover Deals Tab. Click here to check ‘em out!

So, what makeover should we get next?

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Photos by Erika Gue

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