Hey beauties! We’re Annicca and Kimmy, two broke girls who hold on to our coins tighter than Rose held on to Jack. But just because we’re on a budget doesn’t mean we can’t look good! In fact, it’s quite the opposite. On BeautyMNL, #sulit beauty services are a click away—you just have to find the one that’s right for YOU. Join us on our quest to try the most wanted makeovers in town—without breaking the proverbial piggy bank.
What’s your idea of perfect lashes? For us, it’s a lush, fan-shaped pair that’s curled to the gods. Unless you were blessed with this at birth, it’s likely that curlers, mascaras, and the occasional falsies are your BFFs. But that does come with potential drawbacks and discomfort—including clumping, fallout, and the inevitable pinching of your delicate eyelids. Sob!
Want to ditch all that hassle without having to settle for straight, stubby lashes? Us, too. Which is why, when Nail Axis premiered a super affordable deal for their Eyelash Perm, we just went for it. Only P245 for up to two months of curling power? The Two Broke Girls were SOLD. See our whole adventure below.



Eyelash Perm, P245

After we plopped down on a comfy couch, the Nail Axis therapists gave each of us a lash assessment. Annicca’s lashes were assessed as “short and stubby but slightly curled,” while Kimmy’s were “long but stubbornly-straight.” Lucky for us, the Eyelash Perm was suitable for both situations and would have an equally noticeable effect, despite the differences in our lash quality.
Before the perm proper, our eyes were wiped clean. The therapists made sure they were 100% dirt-free, which was pretty easy since we’d come with no makeup on. It is highly recommended that you come to your appointment with zero eye makeup to lessen the prep time.

After the cleansing, a thin coat of lash adhesive was applied on our eyelids, and on top of that adhesive, the therapists placed tiny foam rollers. Okay, this step may look uncomfortable in the photos, but the rollers were feather-light. You barely notice that they’re there. Honest!
On to the main event: lash perming. To start off, a perming lotion was brushed over our lashes to break the bonds of the hairs—pretty much the same way it works with a traditional hair perm. (The lotion even had the same scent, only fainter.) This step allowed the therapists to force the lash hair bonds to follow the shape of the rollers. Our eyes were then covered with cling wrap to let the solution work its magic.
After a few minutes, a fixating lotion was brushed over our lashes. This step would set the new bonds and more importantly, make the perm last longer. In other words, this is the step that makes the whole thing sulit!
Finally, a finishing lotion containing collagen was applied. Fast fact: collagen is as important for the health and strength of hair as it is for the skin’s. Thus, this step was designed to protect the lashes from breakage and fallout following a chemical treatment.
Truth be told, we were afraid that the whole process would be painful, or at least, smart a little. But we didn’t feel any stinging from the solutions—not even the tiniest bit. The only thing left to do now was have the adhesive thoroughly cleansed from our lids and lashes. Afterwards, the rollers were removed and our newly permed lashes were revealed. Looky!
Not bad at all, right? The effect of the perm on our lashes seemed way more natural than we expected. Some of our lashes clumped together as a result of the lash glue, which made them look thicker, too! The therapists assured us that if we waited 12 hours to wash our faces, the curl would last for the whole two months and all remaining glue residue would simply fall off. Another tip they gave us at the salon was to brush our lashes with a clean spoolie to separate any clumps after the prescribed time.


We know, the concept of perming your eyelashes is a bit crazy. We wouldn’t be surprised if you’re a little scared. But here’s another way to think about: you’ll bid your pinchy old lash curler goodbye for up 60 days, and the whole thing will cost you less than one of your go-to mascaras. Now that’s what we call crazy—in the best of ways.
KIMMY: “For someone with super straight lashes, I LOVED the results. The curl was evident but not overly done. It still looked natural and seamless; none of that upright 90-degree bend that I was initially expecting. I would definitely do this again in a few months, as soon as the curl drops, especially since I have a lot of special occasions coming up. For only P245, it saves me from spending on mascara for a while, since I only use mascara to keep a curl going for a few hours (or at least, attempt to). My permed lashes have been really leveling up my look on no-makeup days, which was an awesome bonus!”
ANNICCA: “TBH, after my favorite lash curler went missing, I (and my wallet) never bothered to buy another one. So to see my lashes curled as beautifully as this without even having to touch a curler was like seeing my eyes in a brand new light. Although my natural lashes already had a subtle wave at the ends, the treatment helped me achieve a full, even curl all the way to the tiniest corner lashes. It gave my eyes a whole lot more allure and a doll-eyed, wide-awake look on the daily. And that’s not even counting the days I put mascara on to make them look darker! Overall, I super loved this service and I am definitely setting aside the 200 bucks-and-change I’ll need for my next appointment.”

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Photos by Trish Rivera

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