To kick off the New Year, we asked our Brand Ambassador Laureen Uy for words to live by. Here’s what this millennial multi-hyphenate had to say.
1. Don’t let your busy schedule mess with the basics. In our twenties, we’re in this bubble where we feel like we have so much energy in our system and we can do so many things. We love multi-tasking, we love being spontaneous, and we especially love being adventurous. What this means is that most of the time we’re out and about, from day to night—and when we’re out of our house, we’re exposed to the sun and dirt. No matter how busy you are, remember to use sunblock, wash off all your makeup before bed, and let your skin breathe from time to time.
2. Start having a healthy lifestyle as early as now. We tend to say “YOLO” quite a lot because we like living in the moment. And there’s nothing wrong with that! But at the same time, it shouldn’t stop us from eating healthy and making time to exercise at least three to four times a week. The earlier we start working out and eating right, the easier it will be to get in shape and stay in shape when we’re in our ’30s and ’40s. (And once in a while, we’ll always have those cheat days.)
3. Be fearless and forward-thinking when it comes to using skincare. This is something I learned from my mom and sister. Why wait for your skin to dry out before applying moisturizer, or for fine lines to surface before using anti-wrinkle cream? Maintenance is key! Let’s avoid getting dark under-eye circles and accumulating blemishes by investing in the right skincare right now.

4. Never be afraid to experiment with color. This applies to both clothes and makeup. Itching to wear a bright pink lippie? Why not! And that blue liner you saw at Fashion Week? Go for it!
5. Master the art of always smiling. Of course, this is relevant way past our twenties—but I really wanted to include it in this list. Why? A smile is infectious, an instant beauty-booster, and a small way to make the whole wide world a better place.

Photography: Jonas Asistio. Makeup: Mayesa delos Santos. Hair: Kierlo Velasco. Nails: Lifestyle Salon by Louis Phillip Kee. Art Direction: Erika Gue. Lighting: Ronan Espadero. Sittings Editor: Stephanie Castillo. Assisted by Hillary Ang.