In the age of the Internet, competition in the local blogosphere is fierce. Every digital It-girl seems to be vying for top gun, but for as long as we can remember, Tricia Gosingtian has been part of the crème de la crème.
How many people can call themselves the OG lifestyle blogger, professional photographer, style icon, author, model, jet-setter, and social media superstar? Clearly, Tricia is a force to be reckoned with. And now that she’s added TRESemmé brand ambassador to her impressive list of milestones, Tricia’s reign shows no signs of slowing down. Which begs the question: how does she manage to stay picture-perfect through it all?

Well, we asked the blogosphere queen ourselves! BeautyMNL sat down for a quick chat with Tricia during TRESemmé’s first ever Salon to Home soirée, an exclusive styling event featuring their Keratin Smooth line. The blushing bride-to-be spills all—from her fave beauty mecca to the one trend she would never try. Read on for the deets!
What’s the one makeup product you must have on your wedding day?
TRICIA: “Lipstick. Recently, I’ve been really loving the Happy Skin Glam Squad Lipstick by Denise Ochoa. I feel like that would make a great bridal color.”
What is one current beauty trend you would never try?
TRICIA: “As much as I appreciate looking at it, I don’t see myself doing rainbow hair. I would do one crazy color, but not a lot of different colors at once.”

What is a game-changing tip that changed the way you do makeup?
TRICIA: “Skincare is everything! You can put on so much makeup, but if your skin is bad, it will show.”

What is the best beauty secret you’ve learned as a bride-to-be?
TRICIA: “Getting enough sleep and not stressing too much because it really shows. When I get stressed, I get a pimple or two, so I try to relax and slow down when things get rough.”

Out of the many places you’ve traveled, what is your favorite country to shop for beauty products?
TRICIA: “It’s a tie between Japan and Korea. They both have their own strengths. In Korea, it’s generally more affordable, but Japanese skincare is also no joke! They’re a bit pricier, but you get what you pay for.”

What is one beauty quickfix every girl needs while traveling?
TRICIA: “Dry shampoo! One quick spray can fix everything and you get instant volume.” How can girls elevate a look without going through a total makeover?
TRICIA: “I usually go for brows and lips. I feel like that’s enough for a quick transformation, without being super drastic.”

You’re known for your ever-changing hair colors—what’s the most important thing you’ve learned when it comes maintaining healthy strands?
TRICIA: “Don’t skip steps in your routine. A lot of Filipinos just like to use shampoo and go out the door, but we need to take care of [our hair] by going through the whole process. Even if you’re not going to style your hair, there are still environmental factors that can damage it—and a lot of TRESemmé’s products help combat those elements … For me, I never skip conditioner … It’s similar to how you take care of your skin—you have to moisturize it.”
Photos from @tgosingtian and Happy Skin. Dry shampoo screenshot from TRESemmé’s YouTube channel. Promotional photos from TRESemmé.