Finding a new foundation is a process of trial and error. With every subpar formula that falls into our hands, we become more aware of exactly what we want. One, life-like finish. Two, comfortable coverage. And three, the power to withstand the weather. It’s rare that we come across a product that lies in the center of this proverbial Venn diagram. But when we do, it’s a dream come true!
Enter: Dream Velvet Matte (see what we did there?). If this foundation doesn’t ring a bell, that’s only because it’s the latest of the latest from Maybelline. We just got our samples last week, and they’re factory-fresh!

After squeezing out a few dollops of these skin pigments and perusing the literature that came with them, the BeautyMNL office was abuzz. It was like we’d just been sent a box full of lipstick—and trust us, that’s saying a lot.
Here’s what you need to know: Dream Velvet Matte is a cream foundation with a soft, shine-free finish and a hydrating effect on skin. There are five shades in total, which might seem limiting at first—but the nice range in undertones makes up for it. See the swatches on Filipina skin, below.


Kat wears the shade 40 Nude
Erika wears the shade 60 Sandy Beige
Dani wears the shade 70 Pure Beige
Bing wears the shade 75 Natural Beige
Angie wears the shade 90 Honey Beige


TEXTURE: Dream Velvet Matte has a moussey texture that thins out when you apply it. It’s definitely matte, but skin-like—your natural skin will still come through instead of looking like a mask. Upon application, the creamy formula transforms into this soft, velvety finish that will tempt you to touch your face (try to resist!).

COVERAGE: We love how opaque yet natural-looking this foundation is. No matter how much you pack on, it won’t cake, crease, or look one-dimensional. It will blur out your imperfections, including pimples, eyebags, and fine lines. We will go as far as saying it gave us an airbrushed effect—and we only used our fingers to apply it.

WEAR: We were prepared to dismiss the hype about the “hydrating matte” formula, but it actually didn’t dry out our skin or make us flake at all. That said, if you have very oily skin, the foundation might fade over time. But it won’t look greasy per se—more K-beauty dewy, which we kind of like!

The Maybelline Dream Velvet Matte retails for P499 on BeautyMNL. Shop it right here.