Here’s what I’ve learned from my longtime love affair with Korean beauty: a glowing complexion is less about whitening than it is about brightening. Looking fresh-faced has nothing to do with altering your skin tone—it’s a matter of radiance. And to achieve radiant skin, you have to eliminate the three main causes of dullness: redness, unevenness, and dryness.

This brings me to the newest glow-getting potion in my collection: the White Wedding Sleeping Essence by Banila Co.
Name ring a bell? This gelatinous “essence” is part of the same skincare line as Banila Co.’s White Wedding Dream Cream, a luminizing moisturizer that flew off the shelves after our first test run last year. But while the Dream Cream is best used during the day, the Sleeping Essence is designed to power through the night.
Now, if we’re to believe the literature Banila Co. sent over, this is no ordinary essence. It’s a moisturizer, illuminator, blemish-blurrer, and sleeping pack all squeezed into one tub!

Upon opening said tub, I was immediately mesmerized by the consistency of this product. Suspended in this rich, jelly-like substance are shimmery dots made up of pearl extract essence capsules. SO PRETTY. These light-reflecting dots are actually the science behind the brightening power of this stuff. When massaged onto the skin, the capsules break, leaving behind a radiant, dewy sheen. To really put this product to the test, I wore it for an entire night of beauty rest. My goal was to wake up with a blooming, bridal glow. Was that asking too much? Scroll to see!


The Night Before After my nightly cleansing routine, I slathered on a generous dollop of the thick gel. You can already feel its hydrating effect at first touch. It’s moist and silky and absorbs quickly without leaving behind a film. My skin went from feeling dehydrated and fatigued to soothed and moisturized in seconds.

The Morning After The big reveal turned out to be a pleasant surprise! Instead of waking up to an oily, puyat complexion, I saw bright, plump, and smooth skin in the mirror. Plus, the darkness under my eyes had lightened significantly, giving me a fresher and more wide-awake look.


Since I was so impressed with the essence’s overnight results, I decided to check how quickly its illuminating powers took effect in real time. The photos below were taken within five minutes of one another:
Do you see that? Goodbye, dullness! Immediately upon applying the essence, the discoloration around my nose, over my cheeks, and on my chin subsided. There is no tint in this product, but my face looked more even-toned with a subtle dewiness—kind of like I’d applied a CC cream.

So, apparently, the White Wedding Sleeping Essence isn’t just a sleeping pack. It also serves as an instant brightening filter. You can slather this on during the day, underneath your makeup, and the pearlized capsules will give you a megawatt complexion.


EFFECT: Success! The White Wedding Sleeping Essence does exactly what it claims. After only one night of use, its illuminating and hydrating effects were already visible to me. Redness disappeared, dark circles subsided, and my skin looked and felt smoother overall.

FREQUENCY: Banila Co. recommends that you use this product every evening before bed for intensive hydration and every morning before makeup for an instant glow. That extra step makes all the difference.

The Banila Co. White Wedding Sleeping Essence is available on BeautyMNL. Shop it here!

Photos by Erika Gue