Before Jinri Park, Sam Oh, and Hye Won Jang, Sandara Park was the Korean face of local showbiz (ah, Star Circle Quest). Today, she’s recognized by K-Pop fans the world over as one-fourth of girl group 2NE1. But she hasn’t forgotten her roots! Over the weekend, Sandara vacationed in the Philippines with the cast of her new K-drama, We Broke Up, chronicling the highlights of her trip on Instagram.

You can get a rundown of everything she did over at (Taal! Pagsanjan! Balut!). But, being the beauty addicts that we are, we thought we’d spotlight one particular snap from her trip:

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And there’s the barely-there beauty look to beat all barely-there beauty looks. Boom. #OnABoat

Since it came into vogue, the term “no-makeup makeup” has been tossed around quite a lot, but many times, we find that the result isn’t quite what we’d expect. No-makeup makeup refers to ultra-natural coverage and the kind of color palette that enhances the built-in tones of your skin. That means just enough makeup to cover your blemishes, bring life to your face, and give off the impression of freshness and ease—nothing garish or overt.

See above: all we can make out on Sandara’s face is a little brow gel, a flick of liquid liner, and sheer lip balm. We’re guessing there’s a thin layer of BB Cream involved, too—or maybe her skin is just that perfect! How’s that for low-maintenance maquillage?

Here’s one more no-makeup makeup selfie for the road (feat. cutie Robi Domingo):

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Fresh as a daisy. Keep it up, Dara!


Base: Y.E.T. Changing Color BB Cream. Brows: Dolly Wink Eyebrow Mascara. Lids: MeNow Dynamic Liquid Eyeliner. Lips: Lioele Bubi Bubi Tint Balm.

Photos of Sandara Park: @daraxxi (1, 2, 3) on Instagram